Holy October!

October really snuck up on me.  I don't know how, because I am always looking forward to my favorite month... but it really caught me off guard this year, perhaps because I slept in until 11 (what a bum) and awoke to 30 something degrees with rain.  Bleh!

Anywho... this is going to be a good month.  Make that an awesome month.  As such, I feel the need for another Top Ten.

Top Ten Things I Love About (this) October

10.  Graduation.  As it stands right now, I am 64 clinical hours away from being finished with nursing school.  Our graduation is October 31.  Can't wait!

9.  Speaking of October 31... Halloween (duh).  Love Halloween.  I think this year I am going all out.  Maybe I can talk Kev into hosting a Halloween party.  THAT would be awesome.  Then I can do the totally dorky frozen hand in the blood looking punch (Sangria, mayhaps?), and those cookies that look like fingers... and spider cupcakes.  I am over-the-top excited about this already, can you tell?

8.  I love how fall really kicks into high gear.  The leaves change, the temps cool (although it does NOT, repeat does NOT need to hit 30* again for a while.  That was a bit much, thank you).  But seriously... October IS fall.. and I love it.

7.  For some reason, I am thinking this is going to be our bfp month.  No particular reason why... but I just have a good feeling about it.  Thinking positive.

6.  Fall fashion.  I was so excited to break out the Bearpaws (fake Uggs) and skinny jeans and scarves.  I even picked up a new fleece vest and cute scarf yesterday.  I love wearing cute coats that are not your typical Eskimo garb, which is what I normally wear from November-April up here.  Love wearing light layers and maybe a light coat and still feeling comfortable.

5.  Apple picking, pumpkin picking, mulled cider, hot chocolate... all things fall food/drink.  Speaking of... I must find myself a pumpkin martini.

4.  My pellet stove.  We turned it on last night for a little while and I have it on right now.  I love the smell and the cozy warmth.  Next best thing to a fireplace... although with the easy clean up and cheap pellets (vs wood, holy expensiveness) I think I would choose the pellet stove.  Anyway, love it.  I look forward to turning it on every year.

3.  Football.  Yeah... it starts in August/September-ish... but it doesn't reallllly get addicting until now.  The weather, the tailgating, the parties... this is the time of year where it is in high-gear.  There is nothing better than a crisp fall breeze carrying the scent of chili and chicken wings through the air while you have a house full of friends screaming and yelling at the TV and doing imitation touch down dances.  I love fall football.

2.  Jeans to work day.  I know (eyeroll) this is not exactly of Top Ten caliber, but in my little world... it sure is.  There is only ONE day a year that we are allowed to wear jeans to work... and I look forward to it every.single.year.  This coming Friday, October 7, will be the day.  It's the little things... lol

1.  MY BIRTHDAY!!!  Don't tell me you didn't know?  :)  Normally, I hate birthdays.  I don't want to get any older and the idea of "pushing 30" and not having any children yet does not thrill me.  Nevertheless, I am looking forward to this birthday like it is my own personal holiday... and this year like it is going to be *my* year.  Look out, world.

So... that's it.  It's October, officially... and I am super happy about it.  Fingers crossed that this is going to be as great of a month as I am thinking it will.