3 day work week and a L-A-Z-Y day

So, I had clinical this past Wed/Thus night after work... and have it again this weekend... Sat/Sun (12 hours) then next week after work on Tues/Wed.  I thought I would be kind to myself and take today off and rest before my 7 day work//clinical week starts tomorrow.... which made this week a 3 day work week.  :)

I spent the morning sleeping in a snuggling with Lucy.  The weather is pretty crummy, so DH's softball game got cancelled tonight.  Looks like it is going to be a lazy day all around.... as a matter of fact, I am still in my jammies!

I did manage to get some much-needed laundry done and take some long overdue pictures of our bathroom which I posted on the "Love Nest" page.

And that's about all the ambition I could muster today.  Tomorrow will be 12 hours in labor and delivery... nervous, but very excited!