New Mom Lesson Learned: Traveling with a Baby... Top 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known

So a few weeks ago, Kennedy and I took our first trip to Florida together to visit my side of the family.  Daddy had to work, so it was just me and baby cakes flying alone.  I learned... a lot, but these 10 things I really really wish I would have learned before our trip.  Actually, let me give myself a little credit here... a few (and by "a few", I mean 2 or 3) of these things I actually did know beforehand.  Most, however, I learned the hard way and a little too late.  Hopefully my lessons learned can help out another mama who is getting ready to take her first solo trip with a little one.

  1. Book Smart-  And if you are like me, you might just need someone to tell you "Don't be an idiot."  A little back story...  Normally, I work evenings.  I am NOT a morning person.  At.all.  Thankfully, baby girl is not really into mornings either.  We usually wake up around 8:30 or so and hang out, take our time getting ready for the day before I head off to work.  Why oh why oh why did I think it was a great idea to book a 7am flight?  Smack me.  WHY??  Well, I *thought* (insert stupid "should have known better" chuckle here) that if we got up really early then baby girl would be super tired and sleep on the plane.  Then, we would get there by 10am and still have a whole day ahead of us to enjoy.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  So here is what happened... Alarm goes off, I'm still in a sleepy stupor, Kennedy thinks she should nurse and then go back to sleep, Kevin and I are flying around the house getting everyone dressed and assembling last minute things like snacks and such.  We go to the airport at about 6:45am... for my 7am flight.  Yeah.  Worked out real well.  NOT.  Needless to say we missed out flight (which brings me to #2)... but first, let me just say that you need to book a flight at a time that works for YOU and your little one.  If you are normally awake, put together and out the door by 6:30am... then a 7am flight would probably work just fine.  Otherwise, stick with a flight that would actually fit into your normal schedule.
  2. Arrive early-  Duh, right?  But seriously... We fly in and out of the Syracuse airport, which happens to be about the size of my pinky toe.  Kevin and I both have flown several times and never taken longer than 30 minutes get from car to plane.  Stupidly, we assumed this would be the case for this flight as well.  Even though all of the airport guidelines and such recommend 2 hours early, I thought we could arrive at 6am and be just fine.  Well, we didn't arrive at 6am, but even if we had, we may have still needed some extra time.  Think about it... you have to remove the car seat and/or from the car (if you are like me, the last time you did that was... well... never) and pack that away into your not-so handy dandy car seat bag.  Then you have to figure out how you are going to drag car seat bag, luggage AND baby (oh and don't forget your diaper bag and carry on) through the airport to the ticket counter.  Daddy can only watch helplessly from the car as he pulls away, otherwise the airport parking nazis will ticket or tow him immediately.  Then, it never fails, when you do get to your gate, baby decides to have a massive poop-splosion that requires a change (outfit included) before boarding.  Then, when you get her cleaned up, she wants to eat.  So... yes.  Bottom line.  Arrive at LEAST 2 hours early, if not more depending on the size of the airport.  Not just to get through security, but to give yourself time to get everyone cleaned, fed and comfortable before boarding.
  3. Wear Your Baby-  Baby.  The fashionable new hands-free accessory.  :)  This one (pats self on back), I knew ahead of time.  I babywear all the time anyway, but knew for sure, that I would be wearing K when we traveled for a few reasons:  She sleeps really well in the carrier, I want to keep her close and I wanted to have both hands available.  I bought an Ergo for our trip, but it didn't arrive in time so I used our Maya ring sling.  Bonus- the Maya has a pocket sewn into the tail.  I put our IDs and boarding passes right in here so I didn't have to dig through the diaper bag for them when we needed them.  Getting through security was a breeze.  I just popped her out of the sling, tossed the sling in a bin with the diaper bag and we waked through.  I put her back in the sling and was able to nurse comfortably and discreetly no problem.  About 5 minutes before boarding, I got up and walked around and swayed with her until she dozed off.  I kept her in the sling on the plane and she slept about half of the flight.  I was even able to nurse her on the plane, in the sling, without any problems.  Worked out perfectly!
  4. Two Words:  Curb.Check.-  Yeah... shoulda woulda coulda.  I wish wish wish we would have arrived early enough to take advantage of the curbside check-in.  Since Kevin couldn't help me carry anything in, I attempted (ha!!) to drag the car seat bag and large suitcase (and diaper bag, and baby) through the airport to the ticket counter.  I made it about 1 foot every 5 minutes before I had to adjust, reposition, take a deep breath and schlep on.  Thankfully, after about 15 minutes, someone took pity on this pitiful sight and offered to help.  I am normally too proud to accept a helping hand (big lesson learned here, see #8), but I was already starting to break a sweat by this point and was very grateful.  I could have avoided this all together, though, had we just curbside checked the car seat bag and suitcase.  "But what about the car seat?  I have heard it's safer if you gate check it"... I don't get this.  I see people all the time dragging their car seats around the airport.  Why??  If you gate check it, it still goes under the belly of the plane... I don't get the reasoning.  I did buy the car seat bag to protect it from dirt and scratches, but i checked that bad boy as soon as I could and was happy to see it go.  One less thing to fight with.
  5. Pack Smart (and Light!)-  I originally planned to bring her stroller with us and gate check it, using it like a shopping cart through the airport.  At the last minute I decided to just leave it at home and I'm so glad I did.  I can't imagine folding it down and getting it through security, while holding her and wrangling a diaper bag and camera bag... all by myself.  You also *can* take a carry on and a diaper bag (counts as a personal bag)... but then that is a suitcase and a bag and a baby you have to manage.  It's just not worth it.  We brought one large suitcase and fit everything for K and I into the suitcase.  Things like diapers and wipes... I only brought what I needed for the diaper bag and bought more once we got there.  Dealing with the car seat bag and the one large suitcase (and diaper bag and baby) was more than enough for me.  Another carry on suitcase would have just been absurd.
  6. Pack Everything But The Kitchen Sink In Your Diaper Bag-  Contradictory, much?  Yep.  But... just when you think you have everything you need (and have ENOUGH of everything you need)... you get stuck in an airport for an extra 4 hours.  True story.  Then, all of a sudden, skimping on packing the diaper bag to try to keep it nice and light was a horrible idea.  Think you packed enough diapers and clothing changes?  Thank again.  Think you packed double what you need?  Great.  Now pack more.  MORE!!!  You may know your baby's routine by heart and know just how many diapers and extra clothes you need to get through your flight... but... what you can't account for are delays, cancelled flights, extra blowouts and the number of things you will drop on the floor (hence rendering them automatically useless).  We made it by the skin of our teeth... but in retrospect, I should have packed at least one extra outfit and at least 2-3 extra diapers.  Just in case.  Also, pack an outfit change for you... or at bare minimum at least an extra top.  Why you ask?  Well... sitting on an airplane for 3 hours next to a complete stranger while you reek of baby poo is... well it stinks (Ha!  Get it?  It stinks!).  So yeah... take it from someone who has endured that embarrassment.  Pack a shirt for yourself.  
    •  *A little side note here.  I found myself really wishing that I had brought a back-pack style diaper bag instead of my super cute purse style.  It would have just made the hands-free business even easier.  I wouldn't buy a special diaper bag just for traveling (unless you travel a LOT) if the one you have functions well for you at home... but... if you own a back-pack style diaper bag, I would most definitely take that for traveling instead.
  7. Buy A Million Booginheads-  What the heck is a Booginhead?  THIS... is a Booginhead.  Best.Invention.Ever.  They are intended for pacifiers (and they make some to fit around sippy cups too!), but they can be used on just about everything.  I brought 3 with us and could have easily used 3 more.  As I'm sure you know.  The airport and airplane floors are no man's land.  Once a toy or pacifier hits... it's dead.  Gone.  Bye-bye.  Well... since baby's love to throw things on the floor (or at least mine does) and you can only pack a finite number of toys and pacifiers... this presents a bit of a problem.  Insert Booginhead.  I clipped a toy, a pacifier and a burp rag to her.  Problem solved.  She can attempt to throw them on the floor as much as she wants, but they don't go any farther than the 6 or so inches that the Booginhead allows.  These things are wonderful!!
  8. Ask For Help, Ask For Favors-  Don't be afraid, too proud or too shy to ask for a helping hand.  And if/when you are traveling without your little squish... be the one to lend a helping hand.  When you check in or get to your gate, ask the representative if the flight is full.  Let them know that you are traveling with a small baby and would really really appreciate extra space if there is any available.  We lucked out and ended up with a whole row to ourselves on the way down. 
  9. Borrow, Borrow, Borrow-  Staying with family??  Pull some strings.  Ask grandma or grandpa or whoever you are staying with to ask around for loaners.  My mom was well prepared when we arrived.  She borrowed several things (pack and play, jumparoo, bumbo seat) from a friend in her yoga class.  She also scoured garage sales and CraigsList for a cheap stroller.  If you are not staying with family, call your hotel ahead of time and see what they have available.  Most hotels have portable cribs and some have other baby items available free of charge or for a small rental.  Popular vacation destinations even have baby item rental services that will deliver items to your hotel.  I would never recommend borrowing or renting a car seat (for safety reasons), but things like strollers, pack and plays and toys are just fine. 
  10. Keep Your Cool-  So you packed and planned and you've got books and toys... and your sweet little prince or princess decides that here... on this hot, crowded, uncomfortable airplane and now... 30 minutes into a 4 hours flight... is the optimal time to have a melt down.  Stay calm.  Babies can sense our anxiety and it only makes a bad situation worse.  Smile, speak softly, hold them close, rock them, bounce them, give them a paci, make silly faces.  Do whatever you can do to calm them down.  Getting embarrassed or upset isn't going to help the situation at all.  And worst case... apologize to your neighbor (who is thinking next time they will happily fork over the extra $200 for kid-free business class) and offer to buy their headset... or a stiff drink.  Crack a joke about it.  Make the best of an awkward situation.  Chances are... there are at least a few people on the plane who can empathize with you.  True, right now they may be thinking "Thank God that's not MY kid"... but trust me... at one point it likely was their kid.  No one is perfect.  So... don't let the eye rolls and icy "shut that baby up" stares get to you.  Smile, keep calm, be polite and people will soften up.  Next thing you know the melt down will be over, baby will be smiling and acting all cute and stuff.  People will be cooing at them and saying how precious they are.  Amazing, but true.  :) 

Hope you find this helpful!!  :) 


Kennedy's 26 Week Check In

Well here we are.  26 weeks.  Half a year.  Baby girl can sit by herself.  Her first tooth is poking through.  She eats fruits and veggies.  She laughs and smiles.  She is working on crawling and, as of right now, directionally challenged... meaning she moves backwards.  She is the center of my world and the light of my life.  I can't believe she is 6 months (well, just shy of) old.  Today, daddy, Lucy, baby girl and I played around in the snow and snuggled up next to the fire.  It was a great day!!

How Big Is Baby?
  • Kennedy is about 15 pounds and growing fast!
  • K still fits into 3 month tops and 3 month bottoms... but anything that is one piece (like sleep and plays)... she is in 6 or 9 month.
  • Full time cloth diapering. One size and smalls with two medium fleece soakers. We are starting to move out and snap and have gone up one row in rise in all of the diapers.

Development & Milestones
  • Week one of Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is complete.  Kennedy did really well and we only had a few scares.  
  • We have a tooth!!!  Well... just about.  It is starting to poke through her gums and boy does it hurt!
  • She has been really into her feet this week and loves to chew on them every chance she gets.
  • Nursing is still going great!  
  • Pumping at work is also going well.
  • So far this week, we have tried.... avacado, banana, sweet potato, carrot, beets, hummus, applesauce, blueberries (in a mesh teether) and pancake.  She did really really great!!  Anything soft, she smashed into oblivion on her tray.  I originally started out with small pieces, but learned quickly that it works best if I cut the food into spears or chip like shapes... she is better able to pick those up then chew on them as she likes.  If I load a spoon for her, she puts it right in her mouth... I think because she wants to chew on the spoon, but the food makes it's way in there too in the process, so it works.  We are going to continue with fruits and veggies for another week or two then work our way into chicken and other more complex foods.  Next up is pumpkin, broccoli, peaches and pears.


  • Night time sleep has been really great this week.  Baby girl has been falling asleep around 8:30-9pm and waking up once, sometimes twice a night to nurse.  She is up for the day around 8:30am and always wakes up smiling.  She is such a joy!!  And this weekend has just been fantastic.
  • Naps have been really great this week also.  We have stuck, as closely as possible, to the 2-3-4 schedule and it is working really well for us.  Both yesterday and today I decided to snuggle with Kennedy for her morning nap and she zonked out for a good two hours both days!!  Woot!!  I feel like Kevin and I are really hitting our stride as parents and it feels great!!
PP Mommy Check In

  • Down another pound, probably from being sick.  BUT... I decided when looking in the mirror this morning that even though my weight is below my goal, I am still not completely happy with my shape.  I really need to tone and tighten up.  And I really need to RUN (however the 5 degree temps means it is not going to happen for a while).  But... Kevin and I have talked about the gym and think we may break down and buy a membership.  Living up north means it is just not possible to work out outside year round and we just have to accept that.
  • Right now I am about 122 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125* 

How Is Daddy?

  • Kevin is doing great this week!!  He is still not the biggest fan of BLW and gets nervous when baby girl coughs or struggles, but he has been very supportive of me using this method.  When I am at work, he sticks to purees, which is fine with me.  He has been doing wonderfully with baby girl's bed time routine.  :)

Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?

  • Nothing really new and exciting this week.  It was more of a settling back into our groove type of week.
  •  Cloth diapering is still going great!! 

  Product Rave: 

  • Hyland's Teething Tablets- with this tooth cutting through, these have been lifesavers.
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?

  • Half birthday on Tuesday and 6 month check up on Wednesday.  Busy week!! 
Picture Time:


Top 10 Nursing Mother's Necessities

  1. A good... make that a GREAT Nursing Brahttps://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSPRxs_PBOhXBrY0k8YAM5Yhv-MSkDW-WA6YH5__RsA1eJKVbvpIt took me way too long to finally find a bra that I loved, but when I did... it was a life changing experience.  :)  A few tips... don't waste your time or money buying nursing bras before you actually start nursing.  Your boobs may be ginormous at the end of your pregnancy, but when your milk comes in after delivery, there is a very very good chance that they will get even bigger!  True story.  "But I need to bring a nursing bra to the hospital"... No.  You don't.  Stick with nursing tanks and/or sleep bras (shaped similar to a sports bra) that are sized S-M-L, etc rather than 34D, 36E, what not.  These are a lot more flexible and much better for the first few weeks anyway. 
  2. Nursing Tanks I lived in these for the first few weeks.  I was a big fan of the Gilligan & O'Malley brand from Target.  These have enough support to keep you comfortable and enough stretch to accommodate your magical growing and shrinking breasts throughout the day.
  3. Style-  There is no need to go out and buy a whole wardrobe full of fancy "nursing" tops.  Most of my favorite nursing tops are not nursing tops at all.  A few examples...   Cardigans... wear a cute cardi over a nursing tank and voila!!  Instant nursing friendly style.   Another one of my favorites is the button up shirt... think relaxed, boyfriend style.  These are also great for nursing!  And lastly this is a great style top I found at Target (on sale for $6!!  Woot!).  Also not "nursing" but the wrap/crossover style bust line works perfectly.  This is inspiring me to do a Top 10 nursing friendly outfits... coming soon.  :)
  4. Sleep Nursing BraI snubbed my nose at these for a week or two.  I didn't see the point in buying them since I loved my nursing tanks and just didn't think I needed them.  Well, when the sleep deprivation finally set in and I found myself fumbling around like an idiot while K was wailing in the middle of the night, I thought I would give them a try.  They are wonderful!!  They are also very supportive yet very stretchy... and... best part, no looking for clips to undo in the middle of the night.  You just slide the material off to the side, whip one out and nurse away.  Wonderful!
  5. Support Pillow- https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbD0ScAbhgx7Sm0NaE4Iwqte0SPqxJg-m6BPmv_0zg9-NLowlbTwI went with the Boppy.  Some swear by the My Breast Friend.  Whatever you decide, save your arms and your back and invest in a support pillow.  This also makes middle of the night feedings a little easier.
  6. Cup With a Lid and a Straw- https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSz77gmDRv9VXg0bVk_TpIUI-GumNAZ_4S09sRfs6ZyjVk3x1Ii simple, yes?  But boy oh boy I can't count the number of cups of water I spilled before I figured out that this was a good thing to keep handy while I nursed.  Do yourself a favor and keep one around.
  7. Hair Tie- https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVgRdGCQDyCjnpSLNe61hy3ssEDH5YDzPvPUQzp92M3xBwDcBxEAnow you can find designer nursing bracelets and nursing apps for your phone and all sorts of other tracking devices.  And at 3 am when you are up for the 5th time that night, you tell me how wonderful those apps and fancy bracelets are.  All you need to keep track of (if you can even remember to do this) is a hair tie on your wrist.  Put it on the side that baby is nursing on, so when you wake up for the 6th time at 4am you will know, in your sleep, which side the baby needs to nurse on next.
  8. Breast Pump- https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6qgyInJqnllNtzUUAbXfOvXGoY6kyZcL1wmZ1ddIo3ZStY8ZKdepending on your plans to go back to work or stay at home, nurse exclusively or supplement, your needs may vary.  But... chances are you will need a breast pump of some sort.  I work full time and although Kennedy is exclusively breastfed, she needs to take her breast milk from a bottle while I am away.  Which means that I need to pump while I am at work.  I am a nurse on a very busy floor and often getting a lunch break is tough, so I needed a pump that could get the job done in as little time as possible.  I decided to go with a Medela Freestyle.  It is a double electric with the ability to pump completely hands-free.  This has been the perfect pump for me, I am even able to do my charting while I pump.  Nice, huh?  Your needs may be different, though.  I do really like the Medela brand... and on their website they have a very helpful tool to help you decide what pump would work best for your particular situation.  Also, some insurance plans now cover the cost (or partial cost) of breast pumps.  Before you drop big bucks on one, check with your insurance company to see if it is covered.  Always check first, because they may have restrictions on type and brand.  Once you get your pump, take really good care of it.  These things are pricey and you will want it to last through as many babies as possible!!
  9. "Back-Up" Manual Pumphttps://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRj19_Nsb7m3Pgwk8YIHKdNO4MPQusjyxm45-uOV8RkLT6xh4bTWhile I absolutely adore my fancy pants double electric hands free wonder pump... I will never ever forget the first time I went out after the baby without it.  While it is absolutely wonderful, it is also somewhat cumbersome to tote around (lots of parts, comes with it's own bag, makes noise, battery, tubes, bottles, etc etc).  I figured that I was just going to the mall "for an hour or two" with my mother in law, so I would be fine without it.  Mistake.  5 hours later I was crying in a dressing room with my boobs so engorged I didn't dare move another muscle.  I didn't want to lug my big fancy pump with me to the mall, but I would have given my left arm (or my left boob) for a quickie, cheapie manual pump.  The point of these pumps is not necessarily to pump enough milk to stash and store (because, let's face it, you would end up with carpal tunnel before that would ever happen)... but they are a quick fix when you are out and about and need some relief.  The alternative?  Take your cute scarf off and hand express into it before your nipples pop off.  Not pretty.  Buy the cheapie hand pump.  It stashes easily into your purse and is a lifesaver in certain situation.
  10. Know Your Rights- https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTd0mWTJlqGGqQ0MB-WMy80TAv_jJooy_0r_TGGpmPnOMGmvoCdevery state is different, but most truly support the rights of nursing and pumping mamas.  In NY, for example, large companies (>50 employees) must have a room available for mothers to pump in.  They are not forced to pay you on your pumping break, but they are mandated to allow you reasonable time to pump.  If you are unable to find your rights, per your state or company, contact La Leche League (see below) and they can advocate for you.  Baby's gotta eat.  :)  AND...  Know Your Resourceshttps://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQC9u2EmUZ-j8PRIoyLxZalXQ3CriLimCo2hE0wtnhujqjOAItXDgfriends and family who have (recently, preferably) been there, a pediatrician who if pro-BF (meaning they won't try to push formula the second you or your baby has an issue with breastfeeding), your local LLL (La Leche League), the Lactation Consultant from the hospital (they are available to you, in most cases, long after discharge), FB groups like the Badass Breastfeeder and others.  Bottom line... you are NOT alone.  Ever.  Right now there are thousands and thousands of breastfeeding mama out there.  If you are having problems, take a deep breath and nurse on.  Most of us have had some sort of issue be it latching problems, pain, reflux, supply concerns... at some point.  Don't give up.  Talk to someone, get some ideas, try something different, but just keep nursing, just keep nursing (repeat like Dory from Finding Nemo).  You can do it.  :)