Happy Halloween!! (2 OOTDs and a Product Rave)

Today was a pretty darn good day, especially for a Monday!   First, it's Halloween!!  Who doesn't love dressing up like a superhero and getting lots of candy?  Seriously.  And second, I graduated (officially now) from nursing school!!  Yippee!!  Cheesy picture with diploma to follow.

So... since I thought I might be able to make it to my graduation (I use this term lightly... but still exciting nonetheless), I thought I would dress a little nicer than usual for work.  My work/graduation OOTD...
 Top:  Target (It's hard to see from this picture, but the neckline is really cute, sort of a loose, cowl neck)
White Tank:  Target  (I own like 5 of these... wear them almost every day, so comfortable ad the perfect tank to wear under any shirt)
Bottom:  guess khaki pants
Boots:  Steve Madden

I also wore a purple scarf for about 1/2 of the day.  Kathy (coworker) got a really cute scarf for me for my birthday/graduation and it made this outfit just "Halloween-y" enough.

As you may already know, Kevin and I are both pretty big kids and couldn't resist the opportunity to dress up and hand out candy for our first Halloween in our new house.  After struggling with ideas for costumes, we decided (at the last minute) to thros on our good old Marine Corps cammies and some face paint.

My second OOTD, obviously compliments of the good old United States Marine Corps.
I have to say... pulling out my uniform was bittersweet for me.  I am so very happy with my life today, where I am and what I am doing... but part of me truly misses wearing this uniform every day.  A very big part of my heart belongs to the Marine Corps and it is still very much a big part of who I am.  Every aspect of putting the uniform on was second nature to me... rolling the sleeves, placing my chevrons... it really felt great to feel like a Marine again... even if it was only for play.
Kevin couldn't resist the opportunity to play drill instructor (did I mention that I LOVE my man in uniform?)  with Lucy.  She was not a very good recruit.  Every time the doorbell rang, she got super excited and went running to the door.

Now for the product rave.  After we were finished handing out candy, I couldn't wait to get all of that face paint off.  About a year ago, I was turned on to an amazing brand called Philosophy.  I use a few of their products religiously.  Tonight, in particular, my favorite facewash came in handy.
Purity Made Simple is my absolute favorite facewash and it took all of that war paint off in a single wash.  Love the stuff.  I don't make any money or get any perks from mentioning products, so when I come across a good thing, I like to spread the word because... hey... it's a good thing!!   I will try to remember to post some product raves more often.  I know I am always looking for recommendations, so I'm thinking give some to get some, right?

Speaking of Philosophy... two of my other favs are the Microdelivery Exfoliating Facewash

Finally, The Present, moisturizer and primer.  I have tried several different primers and this one is, by far, my favorite.  Smooth, light, perfect!
One of the best things about Philosophy is that they have great deals online ALL the time.  Seriously.  If you give them your email, at least once or twice a month they will offer 20-30% off.  Steal!

So... that's about it for today.  Busy, but fun day!