Yard work day #2

I should be digging, raking, mulching, planting... especially since I only finished about 1/2 of my front yard project yesterday before it got dark (really hate that it gets dark now around 7).  Today, it is absolutely gorgeous outside... I'm talking picture perfect blue skies, crisp fall breeze and eighty degrees- in Syracuse- in October... can you believe it?

I know I know... get off the computer and get outside.  I'm getting around to the yard work, I promise.

I overslept for a 15K that I was supposed to run this morning (I suck... but I think I needed the extra sleep.  Still not quite back to 100% yet).  So... DH is at work and I enjoyed some snuggle time with Lucy.  Now it's off to Home Depot (again) to pick up some more mulch then back to work.

There is absolutely no real point to this post today... just that it is an awesome day and I wanted to share.  :)

I almost forgot... in TTC news, I finally got my crosshairs for this month and they are a day or two past when I was expecting, meaning that I am only 3 dpo.  Guess this 2ww is going to be a little longer than I thought.  Oh well... at least our timing was still looking good regardless of which date Fertility Friend pegged for my O.

Oh... and tomorrow is a holiday (Thank you, Mr. Columbus) AND Kevin has the day off!!!  Woot Woot!!!  We rarely get a day off together... and a holiday?  Unheard of!  We plan to go apple picking, visit a pumpkin patch and a corn maze.  Can't wait!

**UPDATE**  So I finally managed to part from the computer and step outside.  So worth it.  It was gorgeous and I got a lot done.  Kevin came home from work and he helped me to finish up the front yard.  Here are a few pictures...
We are going to pick up some pumpkins tomorrow to place around some of the bushes.  I can't wait to see how it looks!
Don't you just love this pic of Kevin and Lucy?  I absolutely LOVE that this is my home... and my family.  So truly blessed.