Holy Orange!!

I've always said, for as long as I can remember... that I am a fan of the game before I am a fan of any team.  I have some teams that I like or follow, but I would rather watch two unknowns kick the sh!t out of each other than watch my favorite team win in a blow out.  (usually... if we are talking FSU vs UF, I'll take a blow out, thank you).  But really... I just love a good game... especially a good college football game.

I am a Seminoles fan at heart.  I grew up in Orlando and love my 'Noles.  My brother is a Gators fan and my Dad is a Hurricanes fan... which makes me love the Seminoles even more.  Living in Syracuse, however, it is difficult to keep up with my Florida teams as many of the games are not televised up here.  I get the feeling that New Yorkers don't really care about Florida sports.  Bummer.

There is something really special about a hometown team... and hometown team fans.  Its intoxicating and you can't help but get caught up in the excitement.  When I first moved up to Syracuse, I was hell bent on maintaining my Seminole status.  But after a season or two of some fantastic basketball and lacrosse I figured I might as well jump on the SU bandwagon.  After all, its nearly impossible to catch Florida State on TV and I'm not planning on going anywhere for a while... so "Go Orange" it is.

I'll be honest... I'm not exactly the greatest SU fan.  I mean... I like them... I really do... but I am not a die hard, "I bleed Orange" kinda gal.  I follow their basketball (impossible not to) and their lacrosse (never even knew what this was until I moved to Upstate NY), but their football was... well... kind of a running joke.  It's kind of funny... people love them almost out of pity.  They are just not very good.  But, every weekend during the season, the locals are decked out in their orange and blue and the game day rituals continue.

So, week after week, the SU football team has been... kind of mediocre... and we have come to accept that.  Last night they hosted WVU (ranked 15) and we all assumed it would be a slaughtering... but donned our blue and orange anyway.

All I can say is HOLY CRAP!!!  SU found some talent!  They looked amazing, they dominated... and they WON!!!  Not just a regular old win... this was a huge game, nationally televised on a Friday night (which is prime time for college ball) against a ranked team... and they stomped them!!!  49-23

So... this weekend... like every weekend, local fans are proud of their local team... but unlike every other weekend, we've actually got some bragging rights... and even DH (die-hard Pittsburgh fan) is starting to get into SU.  Go Orange!!

(Now if Florida State can whoop up on Maryland in the same manner, it will be an even better weekend!)