Birthday Presents, Birthday Dinner and OOTD

So... what the heck was in the box??

Well, let me just say that I have the BEST brother and brother-in-law in the world.  Seriously.  Apparently Chad read in one of my previous blogs that I am too cheap to buy Uggs.  (it's true).  So... for my birthday, he and my brother bought me a pair of Uggs.  Aren't they sweet?  And oh my.. those boots are so comfortable.  I may never be able to go back to my Bearpaws again.
I tried taking a picture of my super cute new boots, but Lucy kept hogging the camera.  Ham.

Oh... and my mom sent a box of coffees for my new Keurig!  Awesome gift!

So for dinner... I originally planned on just cooking my own birthday dinner, but decided I better take advantage of a date night while I had the chance (it will help my 30 By 30 list, after all)... so I spiffed up a bit and off we went to Francesca's Cucina in Little Italy.

What I wore...

Jeans:  Express
Top:  No idea, but I love it!  Check out the back... sexy!!!

Clutch:  Target
And the best part....
Black sparkly heels (seriously... they sparkle!!) from Steve Madden

Lucy always loves making an appearance in my OOTD pics...

So.... off to Little Italy.  I LOVE Francesca's...
Well... it turns out Francesca's is closed on Sunday.  Boo!  Plan B was Pastabilities in Armory Square.  This was my first visit to Pastabilities and I was very impressed.  The drinks were great (here is me with my Basil Lime Gimlet)

And the food was amazing!  I had calamari and Kevin actually ate some.  Weird!  Then for dinner I had penne with vodka sauce and grilled scallops.  Delish!! 
So... it was an awesome birthday dinner and birthday overall.  I like being 29 already!!