Happy Halloween!! (2 OOTDs and a Product Rave)

Today was a pretty darn good day, especially for a Monday!   First, it's Halloween!!  Who doesn't love dressing up like a superhero and getting lots of candy?  Seriously.  And second, I graduated (officially now) from nursing school!!  Yippee!!  Cheesy picture with diploma to follow.

So... since I thought I might be able to make it to my graduation (I use this term lightly... but still exciting nonetheless), I thought I would dress a little nicer than usual for work.  My work/graduation OOTD...
 Top:  Target (It's hard to see from this picture, but the neckline is really cute, sort of a loose, cowl neck)
White Tank:  Target  (I own like 5 of these... wear them almost every day, so comfortable ad the perfect tank to wear under any shirt)
Bottom:  guess khaki pants
Boots:  Steve Madden

I also wore a purple scarf for about 1/2 of the day.  Kathy (coworker) got a really cute scarf for me for my birthday/graduation and it made this outfit just "Halloween-y" enough.

As you may already know, Kevin and I are both pretty big kids and couldn't resist the opportunity to dress up and hand out candy for our first Halloween in our new house.  After struggling with ideas for costumes, we decided (at the last minute) to thros on our good old Marine Corps cammies and some face paint.

My second OOTD, obviously compliments of the good old United States Marine Corps.
I have to say... pulling out my uniform was bittersweet for me.  I am so very happy with my life today, where I am and what I am doing... but part of me truly misses wearing this uniform every day.  A very big part of my heart belongs to the Marine Corps and it is still very much a big part of who I am.  Every aspect of putting the uniform on was second nature to me... rolling the sleeves, placing my chevrons... it really felt great to feel like a Marine again... even if it was only for play.
Kevin couldn't resist the opportunity to play drill instructor (did I mention that I LOVE my man in uniform?)  with Lucy.  She was not a very good recruit.  Every time the doorbell rang, she got super excited and went running to the door.

Now for the product rave.  After we were finished handing out candy, I couldn't wait to get all of that face paint off.  About a year ago, I was turned on to an amazing brand called Philosophy.  I use a few of their products religiously.  Tonight, in particular, my favorite facewash came in handy.
Purity Made Simple is my absolute favorite facewash and it took all of that war paint off in a single wash.  Love the stuff.  I don't make any money or get any perks from mentioning products, so when I come across a good thing, I like to spread the word because... hey... it's a good thing!!   I will try to remember to post some product raves more often.  I know I am always looking for recommendations, so I'm thinking give some to get some, right?

Speaking of Philosophy... two of my other favs are the Microdelivery Exfoliating Facewash

Finally, The Present, moisturizer and primer.  I have tried several different primers and this one is, by far, my favorite.  Smooth, light, perfect!
One of the best things about Philosophy is that they have great deals online ALL the time.  Seriously.  If you give them your email, at least once or twice a month they will offer 20-30% off.  Steal!

So... that's about it for today.  Busy, but fun day!


Birthday Presents, Birthday Dinner and OOTD

So... what the heck was in the box??

Well, let me just say that I have the BEST brother and brother-in-law in the world.  Seriously.  Apparently Chad read in one of my previous blogs that I am too cheap to buy Uggs.  (it's true).  So... for my birthday, he and my brother bought me a pair of Uggs.  Aren't they sweet?  And oh my.. those boots are so comfortable.  I may never be able to go back to my Bearpaws again.
I tried taking a picture of my super cute new boots, but Lucy kept hogging the camera.  Ham.

Oh... and my mom sent a box of coffees for my new Keurig!  Awesome gift!

So for dinner... I originally planned on just cooking my own birthday dinner, but decided I better take advantage of a date night while I had the chance (it will help my 30 By 30 list, after all)... so I spiffed up a bit and off we went to Francesca's Cucina in Little Italy.

What I wore...

Jeans:  Express
Top:  No idea, but I love it!  Check out the back... sexy!!!

Clutch:  Target
And the best part....
Black sparkly heels (seriously... they sparkle!!) from Steve Madden

Lucy always loves making an appearance in my OOTD pics...

So.... off to Little Italy.  I LOVE Francesca's...
Well... it turns out Francesca's is closed on Sunday.  Boo!  Plan B was Pastabilities in Armory Square.  This was my first visit to Pastabilities and I was very impressed.  The drinks were great (here is me with my Basil Lime Gimlet)

And the food was amazing!  I had calamari and Kevin actually ate some.  Weird!  Then for dinner I had penne with vodka sauce and grilled scallops.  Delish!! 
So... it was an awesome birthday dinner and birthday overall.  I like being 29 already!!

And here it is.... My 30 By 30

30 things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 30...

1.  Have a date night once a month.  Like a real... dress-up kind of date night.
2.  See a play on Broadway.  Preferably “The Lion King”
3.  Have a Girl's Night Out
4.  Visit 3 new states
5.  Take a random, unplanned road trip
6.  Have a Girl's Night In
7.  Read one book a month... for fun
8.  Pass my boards
9.  Plan one full week of meals ahead, and shop for them, AND stick to the plan
10.  Log at least 25 miles/week running
11.  Make it to the Farmer's Market at least 2 Saturdays a month
12.  Send one friend/family member a month a "Thinking of You" card, for no reason at all other than to make them smile
13.  Wear earrings or a bracelet or some sort of accessory with an outfit every week.  (I always forget to accessorize)
14.  Attend a cooking class at NY Wine & Culinary Center
15.  Host a couples’ Game Night (and actually have the boys participate)
16.  Watch one new movie a month
17.  Update my list of family/friends’ birthdays and addresses
18.  Send out birthday cards ON TIME
19.  Make it to “M” in our restaurant alphabet list
20.  Find an occasion to wear my champagne colored dress and look SMOKIN hot!  (This will require the completion of goal #10)
21.  Make a conscious effort to pay attention to portion sizes… even with desert
22.  Run in at least 3 races
23.  Finally hang up our wedding pictures
24.  Finish the space in the back yard where the fugly bushes used to be
25.  Sell, donate or throw away the leftover stuff from our wedding and do something with my beautiful wedding dress
26.  Visit a museum
27.  Visit a theme or water park
28.  Get a new hair cut or hair style
29.  Go on a wine tour or wine event with the hubby
30.  Say "I love you because..." every day (with a new reason) to my husband

Ta-daa!!!  I put a lot of time and effort into this list (and got a lot of help from some awesome bumpies and a really cool site called Day Zero Project) pretty cool stuff.  

So, over the next year, I will do my best to work on these goals and update my blog as I achieve them.

Cheers to being 29!! 

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!

It has been quite the morning.  I worked on my "30 By 30" list (which I will include below) for a while and decided to start off my birthday morning with a nice, long run.  Since one of my goals for this year is to log a certain amount of miles per week, I wanted to make sure I am tracking every mile.  I have the Nike + adapter for my iPod which makes this super simple... plus I just LOVE all of the features that the Nike + provides and the extra "oomph" of motivation it gives me... especially when I play my moto song.  I am super excited.  I can't WAIT to get outside in the crisp fall air and pound some pavement.
Motivation level = 10

Problem #1... find the iPod (this took a while) and the red chip for my shoe... can't find the white adapter that attaches to the iPod.  Also can't find my arm band.  I decide that this is a horrific sign that it has been WAY too long since I last used my Nike + while running.  Bad Monica.  After about 30 minutes of tearing my house apart, room by room, looking for the adapter, I decide I am just going to drive to Target and buy a new one.  Hey, it IS my birthday after all.
Motivation level = 7

Problem #2... apparently, during my frantic search to find my iPod adapter, I managed to lose my car keys and my cell phone.  Awesome.  25 minutes later, both are located and I am on the road to Target.
Motivation level = 4

Problem #3... Found new Nike + kit ($30ish... not too bad)... however, they no longer sell arm bands that fit my iPod.  Awesome.  So, I buy one that supposedly fits the new iPod touch and decide that I will just Jerry rig it.  Whatever.
Motivation level = 3

Problem #4... I get home with new Nike + kit and mismatched arm band and grab my iPod.  It's dead.  Like... won't even turn on dead.  Does the Nike + kit come with a charger?  Of course not.  Do I have any idea where my charger is?  Of course not.  WTF.
Motivation level  = 1.

So now... I am sitting here on my computer blogging away still decked out in my running outfit and running shoes (with a Nike + chip in them that is attached to.... NOTHING) while eating a piece of leftover birthday cake (which is still delicious, by the way).  The obvious question is "Why do you need your iPod to run?  Can't you just go RUN?"  Sure.  But I want my miles logged, I want my time logged, I want to hear my super awesome motivation song, I want Lance Armstrong to tell me how awesome I am when I hook my iPod back up to my computer after my run.  And I LOVE my Nike +/iPod... although I love it a little less today.
Motivation level = 0

/end rant.  Will be back after my technology-free run with my 30 By 30 list and other ramblings.


OOTD and a Recipe:

After working on my list (below) yesterday, I found some motivation and went for a short run this morning.  Even though it doesn't count toward my 30 By 30 goals, it felt great to get off my butt and pound some pavement.  When I got back, I changed into some comfy clothes to lounge around in and clean the house.  So... my not-so-fashionable OOTD is...
Top:  long and lean ruched shirt from VS online
Leggings:  Target
Necklace: "to run" from Karma
Lucy wanted to get in on a picture too.

Now for the recipe... this was the perfect protein treat after my run this morning.  A special thanks to VikingQueen from TTCAL for sharing this recipe...

 Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies (serves 2)

  • 2 bananas sliced and frozen
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 3/4 cup milk

Put oats in blender and blend until they're powdery (I also mixed in some flax seed and Maka powder). 
Add remaining ingredients and blend until there are no more chunks of frozen banana. 
Garnish with fresh banana slices if desired.

It's time to say goodbye...

... to the ripe old age of 28.
Given that my 29th birthday is Sunday, I originally started off earlier this week with the intent to make a list of 30 things I want to do before age 30 (and I will probably finish this list and post it tomorrow)... but in thinking about my goals I realized that in order to better evaluate what I want to do and where I want to be in the next year... I should take a look at this past year.  

So... I spent the past day or two reflecting on the past year of my life.  What I have done, what I have seen, where I have been, who I have become.  And  so I present....

28 Things I Accomplished At Age 28
1.  Spent my last birthday as a single woman
2.  Finally found and ordered my wedding dress

3.  Planned the wedding of the year
4.  Watched and assisted in the delivery of a baby
5.  Went black Friday shopping at midnight with my BFF and BIL (best.shopping trip.ever!)
6.  Worked most of the major winter holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) but celebrated anyway
7.  Saw 3 awesome country concerts 
(Toby Keith/Eric Church, Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown, Lady Antebellum)

 8.  Did not read a single book for fun, but read more Nursing books than I ever thought I would
9.  Bought our first house

10.  Had the best bachelorette party ever 
(wine tour on a party bus with some of the most fun, fabulous women I have ever met!)

11.  Lost my grandmother.  I miss you, Grams!

12.  Married the man of my dreams

13.  Finally got to use the phrase “my husband” and hear “my wife” (still makes me giggle) and put aside the word "fiance"... which I love.  Also put aside all of the anticipation, excitement and stress that comes with planning a wedding, a truly bittersweet sentiment
14.  Went on my dream honeymoon, 7 amazing nights in St. Lucia

15.  Bought a puppy, love my little Lucy bear

16.  Started a blog (and proceeded to spend WAY too much time on said blog)
17.  Attended my first in-home “adult” type party… I was nervous… it was a blast!  
As a matter of fact, I attended my second one about a month later
18.  Spent entirely too much time and money shopping online… and at Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls… ok just shopping in general… and not enough time with my husband
19.  Hosted my own in-home shopping party and Knottie Get Together 
(Pure Romance… can’t wait to do it again!)

20.  Really slacked off on my Saturday morning trips to the market 
(I blame the move to Liverpool and Kevin working weekends)
21.  Really slacked off on my running 
(I have no one to blame but myself… and maybe the weather a little bit.  
One goal for next year… re-find my motivation and hit the pavement)
22.  Got pregnant and finally understood just how powerful one tiny little “+” can be and the depth of love that develops in the very instant you see that positive
23.  Experienced a miscarriage and understood grief on a whole new, deeper level… 
and more specifically disenfranchised grief… 
what a strange and sad feeling to be mourning the loss of a life that never existed in the eyes of many.  Also found the strength to share my story and give support to other women who have experienced a pregnancy loss

24.  Learned more about fertility than I ever cared to know (what BBT, CM, FWP, BD, AF, MF mean… how to chart, temp, monitor signs, predict ovulation… this could be a full time job!) 
25.  Went to the Great NY State Fair and enjoyed my annual 3 fried things 
(deep fried bacon wrapped snickers, deep fried chicken wing dip, deep fried Reeses) 
as well as a few wine slushies and the most delicious roasted ear of corn
26.  Dug up the “fugly” plants that lined the front of my house and replaced them with mums and pumpkins… found out that maybe I do have a green thumb after all.  Talked my brother and brother-in-law into digging up the equally fugly bushes in the back yard.  The big empty dirt hole is still sitting there.  I need to put my green thumb back to work and finish that job

27.  Finished nursing school
28.  For the first time, really took some time to look back on the previous year and reflect on what I have accomplished and what I have neglected… and created a list of goals for myself for the upcoming year.  I like this!

What I have learned by making this list is that 28 was one helluva year for me.  I accomplished some HUGE things… marriage, house, school.  Seriously, I must give myself a big pat on the back for those gigantic accomplishments.  However, they came at a price… it appears that, throughout the year, I sacrificed and lost sight of many of the little things that used to always be a staple in my day to day life.  I didn’t run anywhere near as much as I wanted to… actually I was not as active in general as I would like to be and this is an area that I definitely want to improve in the coming year.  Thankfully, my waistline has not suffered, nor has the scale, but I do notice a definite decline in motivation and overall energy level which I am not happy about.  Running Monica = Happy (and hyper) Monica… and I really need to get back to my happy/hyper place.  I also don’t recall having many “dates” with my now-husband.  We spent time together every chance we could, but we didn’t date… and that is another thing I really want to work on this coming year.  Lastly, I want to be a better friend and family member.  I want to send birthday cards to aunts and uncles and cousins… ON TIME.  I want to send “Thinking of you” cards to friends for no reason other than to make them smile.  I want to visit my parents in Florida and hang out with my brother wherever he may be.  Luckily, we were fortunate enough to have our friends and family come to us this year for our wedding, but I want to be the one making the effort to stay in touch and grow our relationships.

I have learned a tremendous amount about myself, who I am and who I want to be.  I have experienced some of the happiest and saddest days of my life over the past year.  I have counted my blessings and questioned my faith.  I have taken on new roles and put aside old ones.  I have made new friends and said “goodbye” to some of the people who brought unnecessary drama into my life.  I have grown in my ability to think introspectively and become an overall more caring and understanding person.  I have become a little more “me” than I was last year… and next year I will become even more of the woman I am destined to be.

See ya later, 28.  It’s been a great year, but I am ready to see what I can make out of these next 12 months.  Bring it on, 29!!  


Early birthday surprise!!

So... I'm pulling in the driveway while talking to my BFF, Allison (I never talk on my cell phone while driving, swear!)... anyway I notice a Zappos box on my door step and a white envelope tucked in the screen door.

Commence "Squeeee"ing

Now, my birthday is not officially until the 30th, but I couldn't help myself.  I tore the card open right away... it was from Kevin and super duper mushingly sweet.  Just when I was about to rip open the box (still standing outside on my doorstep)... Kevin opened the door and snatched it from me.  He told me I couldn't have it yet. but handed me a dozen roses instead.  Isn't he the best?  Turns out the box must be something from my brother because he called later to make sure I didn't open it.

Kevin had an idea to surprise me with my birthday dinner tonight because A. I wouldn't be expecting it (well, duh... my birthday is on Sunday) and B. because he will be working on my real birthday.  I'm always up for pampering and surprises, so I was totally ok with this idea.

Kevin sent me downstairs to play around on my computer/blog while he made dinner and ordered me not to come upstairs under any circumstances.  He even made my close my eyes when he walked me over to the table.  This...

was my super awesome birthday dinner.  Kevin made a delicious shrimp linguine with a white wine and garlic sauce.  The sweetest part of the whole thing?  Kevin does not like seafood.  Very rarely do I ever make it at home, because he won't eat it... but he knows I love it, so he made it for me... AND he even tried some... AND liked it.  :)  Yay!!

After dinner, he brought out a yummy Red Velvet cake (with cream cheese frosting... the best) that he made for me.  I am so lucky to have such a sweet guy!

Me bumming around in my sweats enjoying my birthday cake

Lucy and Kevin goofing around in the kitchen.  I think she is begging for cake.

More cake, please?

 Oh... I almost forgot... a few weeks ago, I ordered a canvas from etsy seller Geezees Click here to check out her shop!  I have been anxiously waiting for this beauty to arrive and... it finally did!!!  We haven't figured out exactly where we plan to hang it yet, but I couldn't resist taking it out of the box and snapping a shot.  This is one of our favorite pictures from the wedding and along the right side are the vows we planned to say to each other.  (Catholic wedding, couldn't use our own vows).  But I am SOoooo in love with this canvas and can't wait to have it hanging in our home.

That's it for today.  It has been such an amazingly wonderful afternoon with the hubby.  If my pre-birthday celebration is this good, I can't wait to see what my real birthday brings.


Baby it's cold outside

Brrr!!!  I know that 50* is NOTHING compared to what lies ahead... and in the midst of a typical Syracuse winter, 50* might very well warrant shorts, tank tops and island music.  However, waking up to 50 degrees this morning was a friendly reminder that I'm not in Florida anymore.

Last weekend, we pulled out the dreaded "Winter Clothes" box that we had stuffed in our spare bedroom.  It was the first step (you know, recognizing that you have a problem... that problem being that winter is coming).  Even though we lugged the box out of hiding... and into the closet room... we have yet to actually open it, take the clothes out, wash the clothes and hang the clothes up.  I am just not ready to accept yet that the gorgeous summer and fall we have had is over.

After another day or two like today, I don't think I would be able to deny it anymore.  If I can make it through the week before I have to attack that dreaded box, I'll be a happy girl.


Holy Orange!!

I've always said, for as long as I can remember... that I am a fan of the game before I am a fan of any team.  I have some teams that I like or follow, but I would rather watch two unknowns kick the sh!t out of each other than watch my favorite team win in a blow out.  (usually... if we are talking FSU vs UF, I'll take a blow out, thank you).  But really... I just love a good game... especially a good college football game.

I am a Seminoles fan at heart.  I grew up in Orlando and love my 'Noles.  My brother is a Gators fan and my Dad is a Hurricanes fan... which makes me love the Seminoles even more.  Living in Syracuse, however, it is difficult to keep up with my Florida teams as many of the games are not televised up here.  I get the feeling that New Yorkers don't really care about Florida sports.  Bummer.

There is something really special about a hometown team... and hometown team fans.  Its intoxicating and you can't help but get caught up in the excitement.  When I first moved up to Syracuse, I was hell bent on maintaining my Seminole status.  But after a season or two of some fantastic basketball and lacrosse I figured I might as well jump on the SU bandwagon.  After all, its nearly impossible to catch Florida State on TV and I'm not planning on going anywhere for a while... so "Go Orange" it is.

I'll be honest... I'm not exactly the greatest SU fan.  I mean... I like them... I really do... but I am not a die hard, "I bleed Orange" kinda gal.  I follow their basketball (impossible not to) and their lacrosse (never even knew what this was until I moved to Upstate NY), but their football was... well... kind of a running joke.  It's kind of funny... people love them almost out of pity.  They are just not very good.  But, every weekend during the season, the locals are decked out in their orange and blue and the game day rituals continue.

So, week after week, the SU football team has been... kind of mediocre... and we have come to accept that.  Last night they hosted WVU (ranked 15) and we all assumed it would be a slaughtering... but donned our blue and orange anyway.

All I can say is HOLY CRAP!!!  SU found some talent!  They looked amazing, they dominated... and they WON!!!  Not just a regular old win... this was a huge game, nationally televised on a Friday night (which is prime time for college ball) against a ranked team... and they stomped them!!!  49-23

So... this weekend... like every weekend, local fans are proud of their local team... but unlike every other weekend, we've actually got some bragging rights... and even DH (die-hard Pittsburgh fan) is starting to get into SU.  Go Orange!!

(Now if Florida State can whoop up on Maryland in the same manner, it will be an even better weekend!)



It's official.  I am completely finished with nursing school (except for that whole graduation thing... lol).  But seriously.  I am finished with my classes, my labs, my tests, my clinicals... everything.  The only thing standing between me and my new career is one teensy little (read: HUGE) test... my boards.  I am nervous and excited to take my boards and move on to this next chapter in my life... but for today (and for this whole weekend coming up) I am just plain freaking happy that nursing school is O-V-E-R.

I have sat through overwhelming lectures, taken intense exams, had my every move in clinical scrutinized, gone on little to no sleep for days, cared for ungrateful patients, dealt with rude staff and piss-poor instructors... but I survived. 

I also learned a tremendous amount about myself and what I am capable of, I made lifelong friends and realized just how much I rely on my husband.  I developed a deeper appreciation for all those in the healthcare field- especially nurses and came to understand the true meaning of empathy.  I feel like I really grew as a human being and now care about and for people on a whole new level.

While making the decision to go to nursing school was one of the craziest things I have ever done and was the beginning of 2 1/2 of the most insanely difficult, frustrating years of my life... it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Ok... off my "I'm so finished with nursing school" pedestal....

Yesterday while I was at clinical, Kevin decided to (ahem... finally) rake the leaves in our front yard.  I was beginning to forget that we HAD a front yard because it has been completely... and I mean completely (see below)
covered in leaves.  Ok... I guess there is a little grass over there to the left.  But really... it was crazy how fast all of the leaves fell off our big tree.  In just a day or two it was completely wiped out.  DH said it took him all afternoon to get that mess under control.
He was so proud of himself that he took a picture of his hard work.  He said he thought I might want it for my blog... I think he is catching on to my excessive picture taking and blogging.  Love that guy!
I haven't uploaded any Lucy pics in a while so here is one from earlier tonight... shortly after I caught her chewing a wine cork into a bazillion pieces.  Doesn't she look so innocent?

Oh... I do have to brag about my dinner tonight.  I finally found a way to make my meat and potatoes man enjoy some brussel sprouts.  Really.  lol
Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta

I took 2 handfuls of chopped brussel sprouts and flash boiled them in salt water.  Meanwhile, I browned/crisped some diced pancetta and a clove of garlic in a skillet with a little bit of oil.  Then I strained the sprouts and tossed them in with the pancetta.  I turned the heat down, put the lid on and let them cook together for a few minutes.  They were delicious!

In TTC news, AF came today.  I had that impending AF doom feeling all day yesterday and just *knew this wasn't our cycle (despite how hopeful I was earlier this month).  I was pretty upset last night and shed more than a tear or two on the way home.  She visited in full force today and sealed the deal.  Its really frustrating to watch another cycle go down the drain.  This is only #2 for us, but I am already just so impatient.  I can't imagine how couples deal with IF for years.  This is really just such an emotional roller coaster full of hope and heartbreak.  We will continue trying and, God willing, will be able to start our family soon.

So... tonight... I am enjoying a wonderful glass of Moscato from Villa Bellangelo (Seneca Lake) and hanging with the hubs.  I know we have many exciting things coming in the near future for us, but for tonight... I am just so happy to be right where I am.



Good start to a long week

This is my last week of clinical... 1500-2330 Tuesday and Wednesday (after work).... and that's it.  I can't believe this is really the end!  It seems too good to be true. 

Today was a pretty hectic day at work, especially since I took Friday off.  It never really pays to take a day off because I always feel like I have ten times the amount of stuff to catch up on when I get back.  I truly can't wait to begin the type of work that doesn't follow me home or haunt me the next day.  I can't wait to simply care for my patients the best I possibly can during the day... and then leave and start fresh the next day... not start off with 25 voice mails, 400 emails and a to-do list a mile long.

I am so done with this job, with the .  I am counting the days until I can wear my scrubs, work crazy shifts, and just be a nurse.

To celebrate the beginning of the end, I decided to try out a new recipe.  I made a Wasabi Terryaki Pork Stir Fry over brown rice.
I didn't really use a recipe, just cooked some sliced pork in a wasabi terryaki marinade form Wegmans.  Meanwhile, I cooked the brown rice and steamed some sliced peppers (red, yellow and orange... looks so pretty, doesn't it?) and onions in the microwave.  Once steamed, I tossed the veggies in with the pork and served over rice.  Super simple and super delish!

After dinner, I just enjoyed spending some time with Kevin (I really haven't seen him much lately)... and spoiled myself with a homemade root beer float.  Yum!


3 day work week and a L-A-Z-Y day

So, I had clinical this past Wed/Thus night after work... and have it again this weekend... Sat/Sun (12 hours) then next week after work on Tues/Wed.  I thought I would be kind to myself and take today off and rest before my 7 day work//clinical week starts tomorrow.... which made this week a 3 day work week.  :)

I spent the morning sleeping in a snuggling with Lucy.  The weather is pretty crummy, so DH's softball game got cancelled tonight.  Looks like it is going to be a lazy day all around.... as a matter of fact, I am still in my jammies!

I did manage to get some much-needed laundry done and take some long overdue pictures of our bathroom which I posted on the "Love Nest" page.

And that's about all the ambition I could muster today.  Tomorrow will be 12 hours in labor and delivery... nervous, but very excited!


Fall date and lots of pics!

Today was an awesome day!  Kevin had the day off and we got to sleep in together.... which is always a treat.  Then, while Kevin got Lucy ready for the day, I made some breakfast sammies... flaky biscuit with ham, egg and pepper jack cheese.  Oooey gooey and delicious.
Then we enjoyed a beautiful drive out to La Fayette, NY to do two of our favorite fall things... pumpkin picking and apple picking.  First, the scenic drive... so gorgeous this time of year with the colorful leaves.
First stop, Tim's Pumpkin Patch...
Kevin pushing our wheelbarrow through the pumpkin patch
while I enjoy an apple cider and snapping some pictures... tough job, I know... but someone's gotta do it.
Picked a winner!
Need lots to decorate our yard for fall
For the record... I did not do that (below)
After that, it was off to Beak and Skiff Apple Orchard...

We were able to pick Empire apples and Jona Gold apples.  They were delicious!
Goofing off while catching a tractor ride out to the orchard
When we got home, we decorated the front yard with our new pumpkins.  Now... it looks like fall at our love nest.
Would you believe I just raked the yard yesterday?  Leaves everywhere already!  Ugh!
The mums will be a dark red (close to the color of the shutters) when they bloom.  It's going to look so great!

Below is a cute little garden area in the corner of the yard.
So... that was our day (so far) in pictures.  For dinner, Kevin is grilling up some of his awesome secret-recipe chicken wings and I am making stuffed baked potato skins... and possibly an apple pie for desert. 

Today... was an awesome day!