Baby it's cold outside

Brrr!!!  I know that 50* is NOTHING compared to what lies ahead... and in the midst of a typical Syracuse winter, 50* might very well warrant shorts, tank tops and island music.  However, waking up to 50 degrees this morning was a friendly reminder that I'm not in Florida anymore.

Last weekend, we pulled out the dreaded "Winter Clothes" box that we had stuffed in our spare bedroom.  It was the first step (you know, recognizing that you have a problem... that problem being that winter is coming).  Even though we lugged the box out of hiding... and into the closet room... we have yet to actually open it, take the clothes out, wash the clothes and hang the clothes up.  I am just not ready to accept yet that the gorgeous summer and fall we have had is over.

After another day or two like today, I don't think I would be able to deny it anymore.  If I can make it through the week before I have to attack that dreaded box, I'll be a happy girl.