30 x 30

30 goals that I want to accomplish by the time I turn 30 (October 30, 2012).  These are small, simple, achievable goals that will help me to improve my self, my relationships or my home.

  1. Have a date night once a month with my husband... like a real... dress-up kind of date night   
    • update: I did enjoy an awesome date night for my birthday (October) at Pastabilities
    • November
    • December
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May:  We dressed up and celebrated our anniversary at Rodizio at the Turning Stone.  So much fun! 
    • June
    • July:
    • August: We enjoyed a wonderful evening at our friends' wedding in Pittsburgh.  Babysitting services provided by Great Grandma Rose.  :)
    • September:
  2. See a play on Broadway.  Preferably "The Lion King"
  3. Have a Girl's Night Out
  4. Visit 3 new states
    • update... While I haven't visited any new states... Kevin and I drove up and down the east coast for Chad's Army graduation... so it was new for us to visit them together... does that count?
  5. Take a random, unplanned road trip
    • update... Not completed random and unplanned... but definitely last minute... Kevin and I drove down to South Carolina to watch his brother graduate from Army bootcamp.  The trip was a blast!
  6. Have a Girl's Night In
  7. Read one book a month... for fun    
    • update... completed so far...
    • November: Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy 
    • December: The Help
    • January: The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy
    • February:  Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson
    • March:  Kiss The Girls by James Patterson
    • April:  Jack And Jill by James Patterson
    • May:  Cat And Mouse by James Patterson  (still in progress)
  8. Pass my boards   
    • done! 12/16/11
  9. Plan one full week of meals and shop for them AND stick to the plan
    • I did one better... I planned, shopped for, prepared and stored over 30 meals!  Go me!!  See my Crock Pot Craziness post here.  I am also starting to actually plan out meals for the week ahead and shop for them.  Work in progress.
  10. Log at least 20 miles/week running   
    • update: I am totally slacking here.  I should change this to 10 miles/week
  11. Make it to the Farmer's Market at least 2 Saturdays a month
    • update: doing great here!
  12. Send one friend/family member a month a "Thinking of You" card for no reason at all other than to make them smile 
  13. Wear earrings or a bracelet or some sort of accessory with an outfit every week.  (I always forget to accessorize)   
    • update: I am doing well with this, accessorizing at least once, usually 2-3 times a week
  14. Attend a cooking class at NY Wine & Culinary Center
  15. Host a Couples' Game Night (and actually have the boys participate)
  16. Watch one new movie every month     
    • update: 
    • I am embarrassed to admit that, while I did watch my one new movie for November... it was Zombieland... dumbest movie ever.  Hands down.  
    • December is done too!  We watched Bridesmaids... hilarious!
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May
  17. Update my list of family/friends' birthdays and addresses
  18. Send out birthday cards... ON TIME   
    • update: I am not doing good with this AT ALL.  MIL's card sent 5 days late, Dad's card sent ON his b-day.  Ugh
  19. Make it to "M" in our Syracuse Restaurant Alphabet Challenge
    • update: We are still on "F".... STILL.
  20. Make a conscious effort to pay attention to portion sizes... even with desert
  21. Find an occasion to wear my champagne colored dress and look SMOKIN' hot!  (This will require the completion of goals #10 and 20 to accomplish) 
  22. Run in at least 3 races
  23. Finally hang up our wedding pictures  
    • done 11/22! 
  24. Finish the space in the back yard where the fugly bushes used to be
  25. Sell, donate or throw away the leftover stuff from our wedding and do something with my beautiful wedding dress
  26. Visit a museum
  27. Visit a theme or water park
  28. Get a new hair cut or hair style     
    • done 12/3/11! 
  29. Go on a wine tour or wine event with the hubby (just like we used to do when we were dating)
  30. Say "I love you because..." every day (with a new reason) to my husband
    • update: I am actually doing pretty good with remembering this one... sometimes with a little reminder from the hubs (which reminds me... that is yet another reason why I love him...)