Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!

It has been quite the morning.  I worked on my "30 By 30" list (which I will include below) for a while and decided to start off my birthday morning with a nice, long run.  Since one of my goals for this year is to log a certain amount of miles per week, I wanted to make sure I am tracking every mile.  I have the Nike + adapter for my iPod which makes this super simple... plus I just LOVE all of the features that the Nike + provides and the extra "oomph" of motivation it gives me... especially when I play my moto song.  I am super excited.  I can't WAIT to get outside in the crisp fall air and pound some pavement.
Motivation level = 10

Problem #1... find the iPod (this took a while) and the red chip for my shoe... can't find the white adapter that attaches to the iPod.  Also can't find my arm band.  I decide that this is a horrific sign that it has been WAY too long since I last used my Nike + while running.  Bad Monica.  After about 30 minutes of tearing my house apart, room by room, looking for the adapter, I decide I am just going to drive to Target and buy a new one.  Hey, it IS my birthday after all.
Motivation level = 7

Problem #2... apparently, during my frantic search to find my iPod adapter, I managed to lose my car keys and my cell phone.  Awesome.  25 minutes later, both are located and I am on the road to Target.
Motivation level = 4

Problem #3... Found new Nike + kit ($30ish... not too bad)... however, they no longer sell arm bands that fit my iPod.  Awesome.  So, I buy one that supposedly fits the new iPod touch and decide that I will just Jerry rig it.  Whatever.
Motivation level = 3

Problem #4... I get home with new Nike + kit and mismatched arm band and grab my iPod.  It's dead.  Like... won't even turn on dead.  Does the Nike + kit come with a charger?  Of course not.  Do I have any idea where my charger is?  Of course not.  WTF.
Motivation level  = 1.

So now... I am sitting here on my computer blogging away still decked out in my running outfit and running shoes (with a Nike + chip in them that is attached to.... NOTHING) while eating a piece of leftover birthday cake (which is still delicious, by the way).  The obvious question is "Why do you need your iPod to run?  Can't you just go RUN?"  Sure.  But I want my miles logged, I want my time logged, I want to hear my super awesome motivation song, I want Lance Armstrong to tell me how awesome I am when I hook my iPod back up to my computer after my run.  And I LOVE my Nike +/iPod... although I love it a little less today.
Motivation level = 0

/end rant.  Will be back after my technology-free run with my 30 By 30 list and other ramblings.