And here it is.... My 30 By 30

30 things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 30...

1.  Have a date night once a month.  Like a real... dress-up kind of date night.
2.  See a play on Broadway.  Preferably “The Lion King”
3.  Have a Girl's Night Out
4.  Visit 3 new states
5.  Take a random, unplanned road trip
6.  Have a Girl's Night In
7.  Read one book a month... for fun
8.  Pass my boards
9.  Plan one full week of meals ahead, and shop for them, AND stick to the plan
10.  Log at least 25 miles/week running
11.  Make it to the Farmer's Market at least 2 Saturdays a month
12.  Send one friend/family member a month a "Thinking of You" card, for no reason at all other than to make them smile
13.  Wear earrings or a bracelet or some sort of accessory with an outfit every week.  (I always forget to accessorize)
14.  Attend a cooking class at NY Wine & Culinary Center
15.  Host a couples’ Game Night (and actually have the boys participate)
16.  Watch one new movie a month
17.  Update my list of family/friends’ birthdays and addresses
18.  Send out birthday cards ON TIME
19.  Make it to “M” in our restaurant alphabet list
20.  Find an occasion to wear my champagne colored dress and look SMOKIN hot!  (This will require the completion of goal #10)
21.  Make a conscious effort to pay attention to portion sizes… even with desert
22.  Run in at least 3 races
23.  Finally hang up our wedding pictures
24.  Finish the space in the back yard where the fugly bushes used to be
25.  Sell, donate or throw away the leftover stuff from our wedding and do something with my beautiful wedding dress
26.  Visit a museum
27.  Visit a theme or water park
28.  Get a new hair cut or hair style
29.  Go on a wine tour or wine event with the hubby
30.  Say "I love you because..." every day (with a new reason) to my husband

Ta-daa!!!  I put a lot of time and effort into this list (and got a lot of help from some awesome bumpies and a really cool site called Day Zero Project) pretty cool stuff.  

So, over the next year, I will do my best to work on these goals and update my blog as I achieve them.

Cheers to being 29!!