Early birthday surprise!!

So... I'm pulling in the driveway while talking to my BFF, Allison (I never talk on my cell phone while driving, swear!)... anyway I notice a Zappos box on my door step and a white envelope tucked in the screen door.

Commence "Squeeee"ing

Now, my birthday is not officially until the 30th, but I couldn't help myself.  I tore the card open right away... it was from Kevin and super duper mushingly sweet.  Just when I was about to rip open the box (still standing outside on my doorstep)... Kevin opened the door and snatched it from me.  He told me I couldn't have it yet. but handed me a dozen roses instead.  Isn't he the best?  Turns out the box must be something from my brother because he called later to make sure I didn't open it.

Kevin had an idea to surprise me with my birthday dinner tonight because A. I wouldn't be expecting it (well, duh... my birthday is on Sunday) and B. because he will be working on my real birthday.  I'm always up for pampering and surprises, so I was totally ok with this idea.

Kevin sent me downstairs to play around on my computer/blog while he made dinner and ordered me not to come upstairs under any circumstances.  He even made my close my eyes when he walked me over to the table.  This...

was my super awesome birthday dinner.  Kevin made a delicious shrimp linguine with a white wine and garlic sauce.  The sweetest part of the whole thing?  Kevin does not like seafood.  Very rarely do I ever make it at home, because he won't eat it... but he knows I love it, so he made it for me... AND he even tried some... AND liked it.  :)  Yay!!

After dinner, he brought out a yummy Red Velvet cake (with cream cheese frosting... the best) that he made for me.  I am so lucky to have such a sweet guy!

Me bumming around in my sweats enjoying my birthday cake

Lucy and Kevin goofing around in the kitchen.  I think she is begging for cake.

More cake, please?

 Oh... I almost forgot... a few weeks ago, I ordered a canvas from etsy seller Geezees Click here to check out her shop!  I have been anxiously waiting for this beauty to arrive and... it finally did!!!  We haven't figured out exactly where we plan to hang it yet, but I couldn't resist taking it out of the box and snapping a shot.  This is one of our favorite pictures from the wedding and along the right side are the vows we planned to say to each other.  (Catholic wedding, couldn't use our own vows).  But I am SOoooo in love with this canvas and can't wait to have it hanging in our home.

That's it for today.  It has been such an amazingly wonderful afternoon with the hubby.  If my pre-birthday celebration is this good, I can't wait to see what my real birthday brings.