My First Airbrush Tan

A few weeks ago, I scored a really sweet deal on Groupon.com.  It was 3 organic airbrush tans for $40 at Vie de Bella Salon near the SU campus.  I'm all for a good deal and these Syracuse winters can be brutal on my awesome Floridian tan. So, naturally, I grabbed the 3 pack!

I didn't really plan to use the tans until the middle of winter when I am at my whitest white... but with my photo shoot tomorrow (Rock the Dress... will detail and post pics after the shoots) I thought it might be a good idea to use one of the tans now.  So... on a whim, I called yesterday to see if the could squeeze me in.  The receptionist was great and found room for me, then proceeded to educate me on the do's and dont's of spray tanning prep.  Holy instruction manual.  I might as well have been preparing for the SAT's... lol!  She said to shave if I want to, because I shouldn't shave right after, yes exfoliate, no lotion, no cream, no oil.  I will have to remove my makeup and deodorant when I get there.  (Yikes!  I am really self conscious about some discoloration on my face and never go anywhere without makeup).  I should bring loose, baggy clothing to wear after and I will not be able to shower sweat or wear makeup for 8 hours after.  Uh oh!!  I have some shopping to do after... how bad is this going to be?

So... how was it??  Well... it was interesting, to say the least.  The girl at the salon who did the airbrushing, Leigh, was fabulous and talked me through the whole process.  She made me feel totally comfortable and only slightly ridiculous when she had me stuff cotton balls up my nose (seriously.).  The two of us were in this teeny tiny closet size room for about 30 minutes while she sprayed me from head to toe.  She was totally professional and seriously made me feel comfortable (I know I already said that, but I have to reiterate... I was standing there in a thong in this teeny room with just her.  Lol.)  She filled me in on what to do and not to do to help my tan look the best and last the longest.   She also warned me, multiple times, that I would look splotchy, speckled, crazy, ridiculous until my first shower... at 8 hours.

I left bra-less in a t-shirt and yoga pants, and about 15 different shades of tan/brown/red/orange.  I look like a total whacko.  Oh... and did I mention it was like 40 degrees out?  So... can we say tid bit nippley?  Yeah.  Anyway... I was hell bent on finding the perfect pair of super cute rain boots for my Rock the Dress session tomorrow.  Needless to say this spotted leopard bra-less wonder ended up stopping at 4 different stores and the mall to try to find said boots.  Mission fail.  I did, however, manage to get some pretty interesting looks during my shopping spree.

I am excited to shower in the morning and see how the tan really looks, since the first 8 hours are a little... well... fugly.  I am hoping it will be as even and gorgeous as I am imagining.

Tomorrow is the big day.  A trip to Buffalo, hair and makeup, meeting with the best photographer ever and doing a crazy, sexy and fun Rock the Dress photo shoot... and maybe a few other pics.  Wish me luck!