Meet the family

So... since I am on a roll with introducing myself, I thought I should also introduce my lovely family.
My wonderful husband, Kevin, and I met through the Marine Corps on our way to Djibouti, Africa.  Yes, that's a real place.  I actually lol'd when I found out I was being sent there for a deployment.  I thought it was a joke.  I got a gruff "you might want to look at a map, Sergeant" and felt like an uneducated moron. 

Anyway, Kevin is the sweetest guy ever and I am so truly blessed to call him my husband!  Lucky girl!

Next up... our darling little one... Lucy!!  (XP from "Meet Lucy Page)
We new for a long time that we wanted to add a little one to our family... we waited for a house, then we waited til the wedding madness was over and we returned from our honeymoon.

We are so blessed to welcome Lucy to our family!
She is an Olde English Bulldog and we love love LOVE her!!!

Having a puppy is very much like having a baby.  Since bringing her home, our lives have changed drastically.  We can no longer simply run errands on the way home from work or take off on a weekend trip on a whim.  In short, our lives now revolve around her.  We  wouldn't have it any other way... lost sleep, extra loads of laundry and all.

So... that's it... for now... just Kevin, Lucy and I.  One happy little fam-damily!!