So... I've been slacking

In my defense, it's been kind of an eventful week.  First, my brother and brother-in-law showed up unannounced in the middle of the night.  I am not complaining at all... we are so happy to have them here, but you know how busy things get with house guests.

Then my Pure Romance Party on Wednesday with my CNY Knotties.... this was an absolute blast!  Great food, hilarious games and I loaded up on some exciting umm... accessories for Kevin and I. 
Then on Saturday, we hosted a beer and wine tasting party for some of our friends.  The food turned out great and the company was fabulous!  We always love hosting get togethers with our friends and having our brothers here (both to help and to hang out) made it even better!

And somewhere in the midst of our monster party week....
we found out that we are expecting!!  Squeeeeee!!!

We have so much to think about and so much to talk about over the next few days, so I might not be around much, but I will do my best to keep this updated.  This crazy ride that is my life is about to start spinning even faster.

Oh- and did I mention that I start back to school on Monday.  YIKES!