Recipe: Red, White and Blue Nachos

Red:  Homemade Salsa
          - 3 Medium Plum Tomatoes
          - 1 Large Red Pepper
          - 1/2 Large Red/Purple Onion
          - 2 Small Serrano Chili Peppers
          - Small Bunch of Cilantro
     Dice all (I use a Slap Chop... so easy) and mix together.

White:  Queso Cheese and Chicken
          - 1 Brick of Pepper Jack Cheese, melted
          - 1lb Chicken, season with Salt, Pepper and Cayenne   Pepper (my hubby likes it HOT!)
          - 2 Small Serrano Chili Peppers, diced
      Grill chicken, dice and stir into melted queso

Blue:  Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Serve layered, super yummy!