So this morning after my shower, I ran down the stairs in my chonies to throw a pair of pants in the dryer (to get the wrinkles out, ya know)... Hanging from my ceiling at the bottom of my stairs was a huge piece of tape with a sign that said "Surprise" then something else that I didn't bother to read.  I thought Kevin had gotten me some sort of gift, so I happily bounced down the last few stairs and...

GASP!! HOLY !%$#!%^&$#

There were 2 people sleeping on my couch.  I covered myself and ran upstairs to re-read the note (and to WTF my hubby AND my super vicious guard dog).

"Surprise!  We got in later than expected.  Please let us sleep!"
It would have been wise to read the entire note before bouncing down the stairs in my undies.

So WHO is it? 
My super fun brother and super awesome brother-in-law.  They are like best buddies now and it's hilarious!  They have been planning to surprise us for like a week now.  I am SOOO excited that they are here... and so thankful that they slept through my impromptu fashion show.