It's Saturday.

Normally, I greet my Saturdays with a few extra hours of sleep, shopping at the Farmers Market, more shopping, lounging around with my super awesome puppy... followed by a nice dinner with the hubby.

Instead of sleeping in and goofing off all day, I decided to pick up an extra shift at my per diem job.  I just wanted to keep moving, stay busy and try to take my mind off things.  Seemed like a good idea... in theory... but when my alarm went off at 6am, I hated life.

I made it through my shift and (thank God) did not get sent to the Labor & Delivery or post-partum floor... but I felt like I was just in a fog all morning.  After work, Kevin and I took our brothers to catch the last 1/2 of our friends' breast cancer charity softball tournament.  "Save Second Base"... cute name, huh?  Our team won... which is awesome... but even amidst the celebration, I still just felt... "blah". 

I will get to sleep in tomorrow and, hopefully, find a way to snap myself out of this funk.