How's married life treating you?

I get asked almost every day "How's married life treating you?"... and I usually just laugh and say "about the same."

In many ways, that's very true and not necessarily a bad thing... Kevin and I have lived together for a few years... we moved into our house a month before the wedding, we have the same jobs, same goals, same schedule, same life that we did before we said "I do."

I didn't expect any drastic changes after the wedding and there haven't been.  Our work life, home life and love life are pretty status quo... in a good way.

What I have noticed is that I feel... well... different.  Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am finally settling in to be the person I was meant to be... me.  I was me before... but now I feel even more "me".  It's very difficult to describe, but it's an incredible feeling.

I am still having a hard time signing my new last name, I still giggle when I get to say "my husband" and get butterflies when Kev calls me his "wife"... but it is becoming a little bit more real every day.  This is real... this is my life...