31 Week Check In

We are just moving right along...

How Big Is Baby?
  • Pineapple... mmm.... I love pineapples!!!
Baby’s Development
  • At 31 weeks, all of baby's five senses are working. Plus, s/he's going through major brain and nerve development
How Big Is Mommy?


  •  Aaaah!!  Bare belly picture!!  This is Lucy and I just relaxing by her pool and me enjoying some yummy watermelon (yes, eating a half a watermelon, by myself, like it was a single slice) while Lucy begs.  

How Am I feeling?
  • Physically: Doing pretty good.  I feel like I've hit my stride and am getting used to maneuvering this big old belly around... although I still bump into random objects from time to time when I forget just how big I'm getting.  
  • Emotionally:  Great!  Baby is healthy, mommy is healthy and the end of this pregnancy road is drawing near.  As excited as I am to meet our little one, there are times where I actually think (believe it or not) that I might miss being pregnant.
Any new developments, milestones?  Anything new?
  • Next appointment is tomorrow... not much else is new.
  • Love: Watermelon.  Nom Nom Nom (hence the picture of me grubbing down on half a watermelon.  I swear I could eat a whole watermelon every.single.day.
  • Hate:  That I feel pretty good all day at work, then my back acts up when I get home.  I wish I could enjoy my time at home a little more (and maybe clean/accomplish a little more around the house)
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?
  • OB appointment tomorrow!!  :)
  • We are calling around to set up a consultation with a pediatrician in the next few weeks (wow!!  Can't believe we are at this point) and getting ready to take our baptism class.  It's getting really really real!!
  • In non-baby news, Kevin and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary on Monday!!!  <3