Happy May!!

I can't believe today is May 1st... where did the time go?

This time last year, we had just settled into our new (first!) home and I was giddy with excitement thinking "I'm getting married this month"... Now this year, I am filled with a different kind of excitement because I am less than 3 months from my due date.  Next weekend will be the last Mother's Day I celebrate without a little one (God willing).  The 28th will be our first wedding anniversary (and last anniversary we celebrate just the two of us).  Amazing how much can change in a year.

The weather here in Syracuse is still ridiculous... some days in the 30's, some in the 60's... it's about 50 right now and hazy/rainy/overcast.  Bleh.  That will have to change soon.

In other news, despite the wintry weather, I have begun my spring cleaning and I am desperate to have a garage sale.  Desperate.  We have been slowly accumulating tons and tons of crap that I just could not bear to part with "because we can sell it at our garage sale"... we finally had to move all of the crap from the nursery to a different room, which I so adoringly renamed the crap room... and the amount of crap has completely overtaken the entire room.  No joke.  I should take a picture.  Now the crap room is completely full to the brim of... crap... and we need to get this show on the road.  It's tough because this is not a venture I prefer to undertake alone... however... I discovered yesterday that Kevin and I will most likely have only one weekend off together before the baby arrives... yep... that's right... ONE (gotta love the hospital's rotating schedules).  And, as much as I am longing to have a garage sale... it's not really how I want to spend our last weekend alone.  So now I'm stuck.  Do I just suck it up and do this garage sale alone... or do I wait until after the baby arrives (when we will have no doubt accumulated even more crap and will be sleep deprived and caring for a newborn while holding a garage sale).... any words of wisdom are welcome.

Happy May to all!!!