29 Week Check In

There is no hiding this bump now.  :)  Which is fine by me.  I can't believe next week, I will be 3/4 baked.  I told Kevin if the baby were cookies, it would be totally edible by this point, because I love my cookies still ooey gooey in the middle.  Good thing it's not a cookie... I want this little one to keep baking for a few more months so s/he is nice and healthy.

How Big Is Baby?

  • A squash... and 3 pounds now!  Wow!!
Baby’s Development
  • At 29 weeks, s/he’s not just moving a lot, s/he’s also plumping up. And as s/he continues to put pressure on my digestive system, you’re going to feel the effects: hemorrhoids (cute, eh?), heartburn, pelvic pain and frequent urination are all common at this stage in the game.
How Big Is Mommy?
  •  This is from the weekend... I'll get around to adding a new one as soon as I decide I am camera ready... which... considering I jumped into some jammies the second I got home, will likely not be until tomorrow.
How Am I feeling?
  • Physically:  My back is really starting to hurt.  I am finding that any position- sitting, standing or lying down- for long periods of time is getting to be painful.  I'm worried to think that I still have 11 weeks left and my belly is only going to get bigger.  Thank goodness I have a chiropractor appointment scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Emotionally:  Good.  I have been getting compliments left and right and have been told numerous times that I have that "glow"... which is a huge self esteem boost.  I have also been feeling baby move often and s/he even seems to respond to touch and the sound of my voice, which makes me feel even more attached.  I'm really loving this stage.
Any new developments, milestones?  Anything new?
  • Still nothing new to report, but I do have an appointment tomorrow.
  • Love: Starbucks Frappucino Happy Hour.  Today I created a green tea coconut frap and it was uh-may-zing!!
  • Hate:  Back pain.  I have mild scoliosis and I think my 8 years in the Marine Corps really did a number on my back.  I know back pain is normal with pregnancy, but I was afraid that, given my history, I would be in real trouble in this department.  Luckily up until the past week or so, it hasn't been a huge issue, but it is definitely starting to kick in.  I have seen a chiropractor for years (actually worked for one for almost 2 years previously) and I'm not sure that my monthly visits will cut it anymore.  I think I might have to talk to the doctor about increasing it to every 2 weeks.  :(
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?
  • I have my next OB check up tomorrow and a visit with the chiropractor.  I'm not really sure what is on the agenda for the OB appointment, but I am praying that it doesn't include another fat talk.
  • Our Amazon registry is complete, which is a huge sigh of relief.  We have been having issues with both Target and Babies R Us online (which is easiest for us to manage) so those still need some work, but 1/3 is pretty good... right?  Ok yeah... I need to work a little harder on that I guess.  :)