Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!

Warning: This post may contain puppy picture overload.  Consider yourself warned...

It's hard to believe that our sweet little puppy monster is a year old today!

Just for kicks... here are a few of my favorite photos from Lucy's first year...

Since I had the day off and Kevin worked the early shift, we were able to celebrate our puppy's birthday like all good puppy parents should...

With a few drinks...

a car ride... (what dog doesn't love a car ride?)
a trip to the good dog park where Lucy made some new canine friends...

a dip in the lake... (yes, unfortunately, it really IS that dirty)

followed by a puppy ice cream sandwich from Heid's...

Later Lucy got a special treat after her dinner... 


a slice of Pup-pie birthday cake!


 I don't know who is luckier... Lucy for having Kevin and I to spoil her... or us for having such a fun, funny, sweet and lovable puppy to share our lives with.  Either way, we are one happy family.

Happy birthday, Lucy!!

In human news, Kevin and I enjoyed a yummy grilled chicken dinner.  We used a Teryaki marinade.  Kevin had his with Sirachi sauce and rice with veggies and I served mine over a delicious salad.  Yum!!  I LOVE having nights off with Kevin... it's so nice to be able to cook together and enjoy dinner together for a change!