A tisket, a tasket

I made an awesome basket... ta-daaa!!!
A coworker at the VA was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer last month and next weekend a benefit will be held to raise funds for her treatment and recovery.  The ladies in my office decided that we would put together a basket for the auction... and by "we"... they meant "me".

TBH, I don't mind much, because I haven't had many crafty things to do since the wedding, so after collecting a few items and some $$, I put together this super fabulous "Cookie Monster" basket, complete with everything you could possibly need for some awesome cookie baking... recipe books, tools, cookie sheets, supplies, decorations and even a cookie scented candle and some Pepperidge Farm cookies (just in case you want the house to smell like you actually made the cookies).  I'm hoping it brings in big money for Crystal.
I also snagged this awesome canvas for our living room (please ignore the cardboard around the corners... I still have to ask DH to hang it).  I just love the sayings... it totally made me giggle in the store and I had to have it.  It isn't exactly the classiest piece of artwork, but you know what... if it makes me smile every day, then it was an awesome investment.  Take that, Picasso!
And finally... a fuzzy "Hello" from Lucy... she has been super cuddly all weekend.  Love her!