So... I thought yesterday was awesome, and it was.  Slept in, hung out with DH, made chilli, watched football.  It was a pretty darn good day, by my standards.

Well, today just kicked yesterday's ass... and it's only 2pm.  :)

We got to sleep in... again... which is always a good thing.  Then, we decided to finally visit the church close to our new house (prior to this, we had been driving across town because we loved our old church)... anyway, the new church, St. John, is great!  We are very excited to find a new parish closer to home.

Then, we went to Panera for a late breakfast... also always a good thing.  I puffy heart Panera.  After Panera, we ran over to TJ Maxx.  Kev dropped me off at the door and said he work park the car and meet me in the store in a few.  I, naturally, got totally caught up wandering around and didn't notice that he was gone for like 1/2 hour.  Oh well... I was shopping, so no big deal.  Oh, speaking of shopping... I scored this super fabulous Lily Bloom purse below for $25- love TJ Maxx!  I just love the bright, fun colors.  I can't wait to use it to brighten up some of my fall outfits.  Oh- bonus... it is made from recycled plastic bottles... how cool is that??
So I had Panera for brunch and found a cute purse.. big deal, right?  I know I know... BUT I'm not finished yet.  Chill out.

So when we got home, Kevin ran inside to let the puppy out while I unloaded my shopping treasures.  Just when I have both hands and arms packed full of stuff, he pokes his head out the door and asks me to grab some towels out of the trunk (leftover from the softball game last week... eww) because they need to be washed.

"Umm.. my hands are full, ya ass" was my eloquent response.  I unloaded my first round and stomped out of the house thinking "what a PITA... he could have grabbed the dang towels"... I opened the trunk and picked up the stinky towels and SQUEEEEEEEEEEE
There was a Keurig hiding underneath!!!  I had asked for one for a graduation/birthday present (birthday is October 30, graduation is October 31)... but he said he knew I would be expecting it then, so he wanted to surprise me early... apparently while I was wandering around TJ Maxx, he ran over to Kohl's and picked this dream machine up.  I can't believe he surprised me with a Keurig!!!  100 awesome hubby points for DH.  100 super douche-y points for me for being such a brat about getting the towels.  So umm... yeah... he's pretty much amazing and I don't know how or why he puts up with me!!
I pretty much LOVE my Keurig already.  Kiss Kiss!!!  I tested it out as soon as I got it out of the package.  Love it!!
First K-Cup of coffee ever.  I'm a happy girl!!  I can't wait to experiment with all of the different varities.  Any suggestions?
I also wanted to take an OOTD pic, because I thought DH and I coordinated quite nicely for church.  I am wearing a brown and white wrap dress (purchased on ebay for... wait for it... wait for it... $3.99!!!) and DH is wearing a brown polo shirt with khaki pants.  Have to brag a sec, but we do make a pretty good pair, don't we?  :)
I'll end with a cute little family pic.  Oh... and Lucy matches, too!!  She is sporting a fashionable white coat with brown accents... compliments of her personal designer.  :)

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!