I'm so ashamed...

I was super excited to make my Top Ten Things I Love About Fall list yesterday... I daydreamed about the crisp breeze, pumpkin lattes and ice cream.  I actually typed during commercial breaks... the first SU game of the season was on TV.  I LOVE football.

How the heck did I make an entire Top 10 list for fall and FORGET FOOTBALL?!?!?!?!  (hangs head in shame)

So... if I may be so lucky as to add a second #1... it would absolutely positively be football.  I love everything about it... tailgating, sporting my jersey, screaming like an idiot for my team... I even like the ridiculously overpriced greasy food and beer... yup, sure do.  I can't wait until the season is in high gear.  There is nothing more American... and more "fall"... than football.