My hubby loves me!!!

It's been a crazy week.  Actually... it's been a crazy month. ACTUALLY... it's been a crazy year.  Ok, you get it... my life is crazy... blah blah.  Anyway... DH only has every third weekend off.  The past... I dunno... 6 or 7 or his "weekends off" have been packed.  This is the first weekend off that we don't have a full schedule since... April?  Yay for a weekend OFF together!

Last night, thanks to the best brother and brother-in-law in the world (oh crap... I forgot to mention that they left last week.  Yay for a newlywed house again)... yeah so... Mike and Chad surprised us with tickets to see Lady Antebellum at the fair Friday night.  LOVE me some Lady A!
Oh.. and just in general I LOVE the fair.  It's hot, over priced, over crowded... and it smells funny... but I LOVE it!!

We went last weekend with Mike and Chad and I fulfilled my 3 fried things requirement for the year.  My 3 fried things for this year were:
1.  Deep fried bacon wrapped Snickers
2.  Deep fried pineapple
3.  Deep fried chicken wing dip

And (of course) I indulged my ridiculously huge piece of corn smothered in real butter craving... twice.
This morning, we went to the farmers market and Kevin decided to try out some new veggies.  Anyone who knows Kev knows that he is strictly a meat and potatoes kind of guy... so ANY vegetables are a big step.

He then decided to surprise me with Eggplant Parmesean...
It looked beautiful and tasted delicious!!!  I also got a salad with heirloom tomatoes and radishes, all fresh.  Yummy!!!

I am sooo lucky to have a hubby who is great in the kitchen!!!

Oh- PS... I asked DH for the recipe, so I could include it in my blog... but he won't give up his secrets!  P