I am bursting with excitement and trying to find a way to keep my trap shut.  It's hard.  I need distractions.

Normally, I would blog about it here, but I likely  have a handful of people reading this (ahem, spies from work... you know who you are...) that are not in the know... and won't be for a while.

Kevin is at work, I have the weekend off.  I SHOULD be studying, I WANT to be shopping (or relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere with an umbrella drink, but who doesn't want to be doing that?)... and I AM doing nothing.  Nothing productive at least.

It snowed yesterday for the first time this year, but didn't stick (thank goodness... I am not ready to shovel yet).  It has gotten considerably colder up here which makes me miss the south even more.  I am a tropical person, darnit.  What am I doing in upstate NY???

Well... I guess that's about enough whining out of me.  I think I might wake the Lucy monster up and take her for a run.

There was absolutely no point to this post... you may carry on.  :)