My first 30 x 30 check!!!

I am super excited that I finally get to officially check something off my list.  Our half anniversary is coming up this weekend and we FINALLY got our wedding pictures framed and hung.  I wanted to hang them in a gallery style pattern, which is a DIY project I believe I have mastered, so I thought I would post instructions.

First we took a laid a piece of wrapping paper out on the floor about the size of the wall space we intended to use.  I like to use the wrapping paper that has grid lines on the back (great for wrapping pretty presents, but also great to use as a template for hanging lots of pictures).  We laid out the picture frames on top of the paper in the design we wanted them to be on the wall, then we were able to use the grid lines to make sure the frames were level and evenly spaced.  We also grabbed some letters from Hobby Lobby that spelled "LOVE" and painted them to coordinate with the wall color and frames.
Next I used a marker to trace the outline of the frames.  Then I measured the back of the frames to find out where the hooks should go.  I used a marker to place dots on the wrapping paper as a guide.  Finally I removed all of the pictures and used thumb tacks to pin the wrapping paper onto the wall.
Using the dots I had marked on the paper as a guide, we drilled/hammered in the photo hangers (through the paper).  Once we had all of the holes drilled and photo hangers in place, we tore the paper off gently, leaving the photo hangers perfectly placed.  : )  Then we started from the center out and top down, hanging the pictures and letters up.  Here we are about 1/2 way done...
And the finished product... a perfectly placed, spaced, level gallery style photo spread... Voila!!!

I can't wait to check something else off my list.