Its time...

for the wife chop.

I am desperately in need of a new 'do.  Seriously

My hair is insanely long... down to the middle of my back at least... and very fine/thin/limp.

My daily style routine involves getting out of the shower, towel drying for about 30 seconds and throwing my sopping wet hair up into a messy bun/ponytail sort of glob.  It is so long and fine that it won't hold a curl... and even trying to curl it is a nightmare.  I don't really like products that try to add body, because I think it makes it feel sticky and gross.

So I am getting it cut.  Chopped, actually.

I am thinking about going with a shoulder length bob... and hoping that a style like one of these two (below) won't require an enormous amount of styling time/products in the morning.