Roasted Beets and Carrots- A Perfect BLW Recipe

So I brought home this GORGEOUS assortment of fruit and veggies from the Farmer's Market last weekend.  
Don't you just want to dive right in?

Anyway, I have been dying to try this recipe I found on Kraft Foods (my absolute favorite site for quick and easy recipes... seriously... try their "Use What's On Hand section... Brilliant!), for Roasted Beets and Carrots, but I realized I didn't have Catalina dressing.  I improvised in a few other areas as well... mostly because I am terrible at following directions.  Regardless, my version turned out AWESOME!

This is a perfect Baby Led Weaning recipe for a few reasons... 
  • Babies LOVE carrots and beets (at least mine does)
  • I was able to cut the beets into easy-to-grab chunks and the carrots into thick slices... perfect for baby girl to pick up and feed herself
  • The texture was perfect... not mush, but not raw.  The pieces didn't smash or crumble when she picked them up, but they were easy for her to chew
  • Mommy liked it too!!  :)
So for my version...
  • I used a foil pan instead of foil wrap... I had an extra one on hand and didn't feel like messing with the wrap thing, although a wrap would be fairly simple too.  
  • I cleaned, skinned and chopped the beets and carrots at the same time rather than roast the beets whole (this is where I skipped the direction reading part, but it turned out just fine).
  • I seasoned the beets with a little ground ginger (I never measure... ever) and roasted them covered with foil in the foil pan for about 45 minutes.
  • Then I added in the carrots and tossed both in Russian dressing (Russian... Catalina... same difference, right?  Well, it was what I had on hand and it worked for me).
  • I resealed the foil and roasted for another 15 minutes.
It was super simple and really delicious.  I'm sure this is a new family fav.  :)