Y3W: Boom Boom's Open!!!

Wow... it's been a while since I have done a Y3W check in.  So strange.

So... Syracuse isn't exactly known nationally for many things (besides, of course, a kick @ss basketball team and a ridiculous scandal with the coach that wasn't even a scandal)... however, we do have a few little local secrets that are pretty special to us CNYers.

One of them is a teeny tiny little restaurant called Boom Boom Mex Mex.  I just found out that they are now open for the season and I am super excited.  This place is crazy good and just too cool not to write about.

First off, the owner is from Mexico... like real, south of the border, tequila and sombreros, Mexico (not Mexico, NY which isn't far from here).  She and her husband only come up to Syracuse and open their restaurant for the summer, while the weather is nice.  Once it starts to get frosty, they pack up shop and head south.  I am totally jealous of this lifestyle, by the way.  I was shocked to hear that they are open so early, but we have had an unseasonably mild winter and spring.

Next, the restaurant itself is in what looks like a little house.  The tables are mismatched plastic picnic tables and card tables with those cheap outdoor table cloths taped or stapled to them.  The chairs are mismatched folding chairs and plastic chairs.  The decor inside is a random array of pictures, paintings, souvenirs and nick nacks from all over Mexico.  They also have a bunch of picnic tables scattered outside... such a great place to enjoy lunch in the summer.

The food is nothing short of amazing.  Real deal Mexican made the right way with fresh ingredients.  Absolutely delicious!!  They always have a variety of fresh salsas too which I love to experiment with.

And the best part... the prices are out of this world.  Kevin and I can go enjoy a full meal for under $15.  Oh... and another cute quirky little aspect... it's BYOB... so people walk in with coolers or 6 packs and just hang out on the weekends.

It's such a great place, it's been way too long (over the winter) since I last enjoyed some good Mexican home cooking and I am super excited to head over that way for lunch!

 Bon apetit!