This Means War

Before I begin my rant, let me just say that we have had an incredibly light winter this year.  Barely any snow, only a handful of days below 0 and overall warmer temperatures than normal.  That said, it is now April and I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather.

Begin rant:
So a few weeks ago, our weather warmed up considerably... we enjoyed a week or so of gorgeous 70-80 degree weather.  I happily packed away all of my Eskimo crap and broke out the tank tops, flip flops, shorts and coconut scented lotion.  I started running or walking with Lucy every morning before work and spent hours lounging outside on my back deck soaking up the sun.  I was one happy little beach bum in Syracuse, NY.

No sonner did I completely change over my wardrobe than the temperature started to drop... I, however, continued to wear my flip flops in pure defiance (with jeans and long sleeves instead of shorts and tank tops though because I am not a complete lunatic.

Well now the weather man has predicted snow for Monday... SNOW?!?!?!

I am so not ok with this.  The last thing I want to do is complete the walk of shame to my basement to drag out my winter attire that I so gleefully packed away.  I am done with winter, done with snow and done with freezing my butt off every time I go outside.  I am ready for summer, heat, playing outside and sweating ym butt off when I run.

Mother Nature and Evil Weather Man...
If you don't get your act together and send some sunshine and 80 degree weather my way, we are going to fight.  I am in desperate need of some Vitamin D here!!