Top 10 Reasons to Run the Disney Marathon (On Your Birthday)... for My Husband :)

I love running.  A lot.  Kevin does not like running.  At all.

Being the good Marine that he was, he ran when he had to and he ran well.  He could beat me in any race any day, hands down.  I hated it.  When he got out of the Marine Corps, he no longer had an evil Sgt Slaughter (aaah... I loved that nickname) telling him to run.  He did however have an evil runaholic wife that tried to tell him to run... that he laughed at and said "nope.  Not today hunny."  :/  Sadly he could get up off the couch and STILL beat me in a race.  (I am working on this though...)

I did manage to talk him into running the Color Me Rad 5K coming up next month.  Ok, well I signed him up for the race and told him he was running.  He begrudgingly obliged, although I'm sure he is less than excited about it.  Heck, I even bought him some really ridiculous looking sunglasses to wear.  Still not excited.  He just doesn't *get* the whole running thing.  Running was always his sport's punishment.

So anywho... the Disney Marathon just so happens to fall on his birthday next year.  What better way to celebrate your birthday than to run a marathon???  Right???  As you can imagine, he could easily list a million and one better ways to celebrate his birthday.  Psssh.

In an effort to convince him that running the Disney Marathon with me would be the absolute best birthday celebration ever, I made a Top Ten list for him...  

Top 10 Reasons to Run the Disney Marathon... on your birthday...
  1. What better place to spend your birthday than Walt Disney World? I mean... come on... it's the happiest place on earth!!! I may as well stop right here. 
  2. What better way to spend your birthday than doing something you love. Wait... you don't love running. Crap. Ok what better way to spend your birthday than doing something that your wife loves??  But it's YOUR birthday.  Hmm... riiiiight... How about doing something that's good for you. Hmm... Fail. Ok. How about just making an awesome memory and completing your first ever marathon? It will be incredible!
  3. Everybody gets a medal. Chicks dig medals.
  4. Two words Pre-Race Pasta Party. Okay that's 3 words. More like 3 and a half. Whatever. You get the idea. You love pasta...
  5. Umm... because you love me and I'm asking you to? This is an excellent reason.
  6. Kennedy will get to run in the little kiddie race. It will be so cute!
  7. Speaking of Kennedy, we have to start her running obsession, er... I mean love of running early. 1 year old sounds like a fantastic time to start. Let's set a good example and show her how much we love running (ok how much I love running and how much you love to make me happy by running with me!) by running this marathon. She can come cheer us on. It will be cute. You WILL like it.
  8. Just think of it as the most awesome mobile birthday party with several of the Disney characters and several thousand fans as guests, giving you high-fives, cheering you on, wishing you a happy birthday. Pretty cool, eh? EH?
  9. Once you cross "run a marathon with my wife so she will shut up about it" off your bucket list... then I can shut up about it. ;)
  10. Umm... beacause... maybe... possibly... I already signed us up. :D Happy birthday, hunny!?!?!?!
I'm going to go above and beyond here and add a #11. I'll even make you a super cool "it's my birthday and my wife drug me out here at 5:30 am to run this damn marathon" t-shirt. WINNER!!!!!!!!
I ♥ you!

Do you think this will help to convince him?  Do you have any other reasons I can add to this list??  :)