Kennedy's 36 Week Check In

Another week of teething misery.  Blech.  On a positive note, her teeth have mostly broken through, so I think the end is near.  At least I really really hope it is.  This teething nonsense is for the birds.

Since the weather was so nice today (finally above 50!!!) we took a family walk and made our first trip to the neighborhood park.  Kennedy got to swing on a swing and even went down the slide for the first time.  I think she enojoyed herself.  :)

How Big Is Baby?
  • Baby girl really hasn't been feeling so hot, so I doubt she has gained much this week, but she is still healthy and holding her own at 17 pounds and change.
  • Kennedy is wearing almost all 9 month outfits now with a few 6 month stragglers.  We peeked through her spring/summer box and can't wait to get into some warmer clothes!!  Come on, spring!!
  • She still doesn't wear shoes all the time yet, but we are putting them on more often.  Her size 3s are still a little big, but they work.
  • Full time cloth diapering. We are out one snap on each side and one snap on the rise on all of her dipes.  We have gone up a second snap on the rise on a few of her diapers and so far we are getting a great fit!

Development & Milestones 

  • BLW is going awesome!  It is so funny to hear people comment on how well she eats and see the look of shock when I tell them how old she is.  BLW is awesome!
  • Kennedy has been crawling like crazy.  She is so fast now!!  She has also been really clingy, so she will follow me all over the house and if I stop long enough for her to catch up, she tries to climb up my leg.  Poor babe.  It's so cute though!
  • Daddy taught her a new trick (I'm thrilled, sense the sarcasm)... climbing up the stairs.  Yeah.  So now we have baby gates on both sets of stairs.  Yikes!  It is really awesome though to watch her growing and learning and figuring out how to do new things.  Babies are amazing.
  • Still no real standing on her own.
  • No new words this week, just a lot of tears and "ma ma"s.  Stupid teeth.
  • No signs yet, but we are getting better with signing to her.  We still have some work to do in the consistency department, but we're getting there.


  • Nursing has been ok.  The past few days, Kennedy has been biting a lot.  I'm not sure if it is out of frustration or pain or whether she thinks it is playing (it is certainly NOT fun) but I'm hoping it stops soon.  Otherwise, she is still comfort nursing often since I'm sure her teeth are making her pretty miserable.
  • Pumping at work has been ok.  I have found myself dreading and putting off pumping, even when I have the time.  I think part of it is that I know I have enough milk to last for a long long time and I know I am lucky to have a really great supply, so I don't feel like I need to.  I need to get back on the wagon and just keep pumping.  On the flip side though, if I can eliminate my pumping session, that does bring me one step closer to restarting my cycle and trying for baby #2.  Hmm... maybe it isn't so bad ot not pump after all (aside from the soreness, ouch!)
  • BLW is going great!  This week, baby girl got to eat at Carrabas and enjoyed some yummy chicken parm and bacon flatbread.  She also had lots of frozen fruit throughout the week to help with her teeth.
  • We didn't work much with the sippy cup this week.  She was just so fussy that I didn't have the energy to spend trying to teach her something new.  Bad mommy.  This coming week will be better.

  • Naps have been pretty terrible this week.  Yesterday, for example, she napped for a total of 30 minutes all day, but was so exhausted and over tired that she screamed for a solid 3 hours in the evening.  Ugh.  I can't wait to get through this teething phase.
  • Sleep-wise, she has done pretty ok.  She is still sleeping in our bed this week and, although she has woken up to nurse a few times each night/early morning, she falls asleep quickly.  The only noticeable difference is that instead of my awesome babe who loves to sleep in and snuggle until 9... she is now wanting to get up around 630.  I know this is normal, but I am not a fan at all.
PP Mommy Check In

  • I have been under the weather myself this week.  I caught some gnarly stomach bug and have been a big ball of blah since Wednesday.  I dropped another pound and have zero energy.  Next week will be better.  Next week HAS to be better.  Gosh I really hope next week is better.
  • Right now I am about 117 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125* 

How Is Daddy?

  • Kevin had another rough week too.  He hates seeing his little girl in pain and feeling relatively helpless.  He has done great with vapor baths and vapor rub to try to help clear her sinuses and milksicles and cool teethers to try to soothe her poor little gums, but other than that, we just have to wait for these mean teeth to come in.

Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?

  • We can finally see two teeth breaking through the gums on top!!!
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!! 
Product Rave: 

  • Earth's Best Vapor Rub... it's like an organic baby Vick's chest rub.  Smells wonderful and I think it helps a lot.
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?

  • Next pedi visit is at the end of April.

Picture Time