Kennedy's 38 Week Check In

What an awesome weekend we are having.  We took a little road trip down to Delaware to visit Uncle Mikey.  Baby girl also got to see the big blue ocean for the very first time and although it's way too cold to swim, we could resist letting her play in the sand and dipping her toes in the water.  I have no doubt she will grow up to be a beach bum, just like her mama.  The car ride down was pretty uneventful and now we are enjoying a long weekend before we head back home.  Uncle Mike says baby girl has grown a lot and I couldn't agree more.

How Big Is Baby?

  • I think Kennedy is nearing 18 pounds and growing taller every day.  She is in almost all 9 month outfits and even working her way into some 12 month duds.  Eeeek!
  • Size 3 shoes fit her little Fred Flinstone feet perfectly now.
  • Full time cloth diapering. We are out one snap on each side and one snap on the rise on all of her dipes. We have gone up a second snap on the rise on a few of her diapers and so far we are getting a great fit!

Development & Milestones 
  • BLW is going wonderfully.  She was happy to show off her eating skills to Uncle Mike and his roomies.
  • She has been crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything.  She loves to practice walking while holding mommy's hands, but isn't ready to walk on her own just yet.
  • Still climbing the stairs like a madwoman.
  • No new words this week, but lots and lots of baby babble.  I love her baby babbles!!
  • No new signs this week, but we are still working on it.
  • 4 pearly white teeth and a few more below the surface
  • Nursing has been great this week. 
  • Pumping at work was ok.  This was my last week of working 8 hour shifts and I am a little nervous to see how the 12 hour shifts work out with nursing/pumping.  I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.  Fingers crossed that my supply holds steady.
  • BLW is still going awesome.  I love watching my little girl explore her food and learn to eat.  Fascinating.
  • Still working on the sippy cup.  No real progress yet, but we will get there.
  • Naps during the week were great.  Naps while traveling are... well... you fit them in when you can.  She has done really well, though, so I can't complain.  We are very lucky to have such a flexible baby.
  • Sleep-wise this week was great and the weekend has been... well... flexible.  :) 

PP Mommy Check In

  • Another great week.  The weather is turning, I have been running outside and feel more energetic.
  • Right now I am about 119 lbs.
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125* 

How Is Daddy?
  • Kevin had a great week!  He is very close to his goal weight and I couldn't be more proud of him.  We were looking at pictures earlier and it is very obvious that he has lost weight.  He looks awesome!
Any appointments, visitors or outings? Anything else new?
  • We started off the week with a visit from our friends Amy, Adam and Abbigail from Buffalo.  It was awesome to see them and so funny to watch Kennedy interact with 7 week old Abbigail.  Too sweet!
  • We drove to Delaware to see Mikey and his roommates.  Awesome family weekend getaway.
  • Best part of the whole weekend.... drum roll... Kennedy's first trip to the ocean.  Mama is a total beach bum, so this was especially exciting for me.  What an incredible moment to share something I love with someone I love so much.  Aaaah.  A day I will remember forever.
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!! 
Product Rave:
  • We picked up this awesome little bean bag-ish monster (which is really just a creative phone protector) to hold Kevin's phone.  We turn on baby Einstein videos and Kennedy is content for a while.  Love!

Any upcoming developments, milestones? What's next?

  • Next pedi visit is April 30
  • I start my 12 hour shifts this week!!  Yikes!!!  I'm not looking forward to being a total zombie (12 hour NIGHTS!)... but the thought of having 3-4 days off each week to spend with Kennedy makes it well worth it.  Bring it on! 

Picture Time