Kennedy's 19 Week Check In

19 weeks and growing so big!  Baby girl had another great week of growing, playing, learning and loving.  :)

How Big Is Baby?

  • Kennedy is somewhere between 13 1/2 and 14 pounds.
  • Most of her 3 month clothes are retired.  She is wearing mostly 3-6 and 6 month clothes now.  Big girl!
  • Full time cloth diapering. One size and smalls with two medium fleece soakers.
Development & Milestones
  • Kennedy can roll from back to tummy with ease now... although she still doesn't quite know what to do with herself once she gets onto her tummy. 
  • Kennedy has graduated from zombie to zombie-dactyl.  She still does her zombie talking and adds in a high pitched pteradactyl-like screech every so often.
  • Still no teeth, but I think we are getting pretty close.  She is slobbering like it's her job and chewing on everything she can get into her mouth.
  • Nursing is still going great!
  • Pumping at work is also going well.
  • I have such an overload of milk (completely full freezer and 1/4 full deep freezer) that I finally decided to contact the National Milk Bank to discuss donation.  I found out that by taking Colace, I have made my milk ineligible for donation.  However, 24 hours after I stop taking it, my milk can be collected for donation.  So... the loads and loads of milk I have saved already is ours to keep... but I will start storing for donation soon.  I'm kind of excited about this.  :)
  • Still sleeping in 4 hour stretches... Still.
  • Naps have been pretty good this week.  Fingers crossed this trend continues.  :)
PP Mommy Check In
  • Back down to 123-124 this week.  Bye Bye Thanksgiving poundage!
  • Right now I 124 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125* 
How Is Daddy?
  • Kevin is doing really great!  We are both so very excited for our little girl's first Christmas. 
Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?
  • Nothing new this week really. 
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!! 
  Product Love: 
  • Love: Amber teething necklace.  We weren't completely sure how well it was working... then we spent one night without it.  Yep.  It works.  
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?
  • Next pediatrician appointment for Kennedy is in January for her 6 month check up.
Picture Time!!

Bonus Family Pictures!!  :)