Kennedy's 8 Week Check In

8 weeks old and getting baptized today.  This update will be short and sweet as we are blessed to have family in town this week to celebrate with us.  :)

How Big Is Baby?

  • Kennedy has to be close to, if not over 12 pounds.  She's a big girl!!
  • Mostly 0-3 and 3 month cloths.  She is even sporting some 3-6 month outfits too.  The newborn clothes are almost completely retired.
  • Full time cloth diapering and starting to move up a snap in our one-sizes.
Development & Milestones
  • Kennedy has really enjoyed spending time with her grandparents this week.  She loves to play with them and talks up a storm, especially for the guys.  She coos, smiles and giggles.
  • She is becoming increasingly coordinated with her hands.  She can get her hand to her mouth (grrrreat) in one try and has really started batting at her toys both on her play mat and on her car seat.  It is so fun to watch her discover things.
  • She is still loving tummy time and also loves her new dresser/changing table.  Every time we change her she talks and talks and laughs and laughs.  It is too cute!
  • Nursing wonderfully.  Definitely no issue there.  :)
  • Also taking the bottle well.
  • We are starting to stretch her 3 hours out.  She sleeps at night consistently between 3-4 hours at a stretch.
  • She naps well in the morning and stays awake throughout the afternoon and early evening.  She does seem to get pretty cranky in the evening as we approach bedtime, but otherwise she is a super happy baby.
PP Mommy Check In
  • Still at 129... which is 1 pound below my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Only 4 pounds to go to goal #2, my final goal.
  • Clothes fit great, with the exception of small tops.  I did finally find an awesome nursing bra!!  It's old lady stretchy style (I normally wear lightly padded underwire), but heck... it fits, the girls don't try to escape when the fill up, and its comfortable.  Its a keeper!!!
  • Another wonderful chiropractor visit.  I have a few more, once a week, and hopefully I will be back to where I need to be.
  • Right now I weigh about 129 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125*
How Is Daddy?
  • Kevin is doing great!  He is so happy to have his parents and brother in town.  He is also getting ready for me to go back to work and preparing himself to handle the evenings alone.  He's a little nervous, but I'm sure he will do just fine.  :)
Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?
  • Kennedy and I took a 4 hour road trip down to Pennsylvania on Wednesday.  We met up with a friend of mine (and my labor buddy) and her two beautiful girls.  Then she got to meet her Grandpa for the first time.  What a sweet moment!!  She also met her Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle Ed and Great Aunt Judy and Great Uncle Ed.  It was an awesome day!  My mom made the 4 hour trip back home with us (all in one day!!!).  By the end of the night, Kennedy was sick of being in the car... but then again so was I.
  • Cloth diapering is going great!!  I'm slacking on my follow up post, but I swear I'll get it up one of these days!!
  • Love: Fisher Price play mat.  Kennedy LOVES her tummy time and this mat keeps her entertained.
  • Hate:  That we live so far from our family.  While we are lucky to have our parents and Kevin's brother here for Kennedy's christening... it would be nice to be able to celebrate with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  We know they are with us in spirit though.
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?
  • Next appointment for Kennedy is October 2nd. 
  • I start back to work next Sunday night.  I can't believe my stay at home mommy time is coming to an end.  It is going to be so incredibly hard to leave my little girl.  :(

Picture Time!!