The GREAT NY State Fair is here!!

Finally!!!  ::happy dance::

It's no secret that I'm kind of a big fan of the fair.  Every year, we complain that it's hot, crowded, stinky, over priced, full of "as seen on TV" crap and terribly greasy food... but every year we go and we really love it! 

Every year, also, I set out on a mission to enjoy a humongous piece of roasted corn (aka "Crack Corn" because I swear they put crack in their butter) and 3 new fried things.  This year was no exception.

mmm.... crack corn... times 2!!

Me enjoying my amazing crack corn.  God I love fair corn.  What makes it soooo darn good?

deep fried pizza

I only tried one new fried thing so far... but we are going back to the fair this week and, rest assured, I will complete my mission then.  But, so far... my first fried thing was fried pizza.  It was... well... it wasn't very good.  Way too much fried batter stuff and not enough pizza.  It has potential though.

mmm... wine slushie

I also enjoyed (of course) a delicious wine slushie from Montezuma wineries.  Love my wine slushies!!  

This one was layered Diamond and Fat Frog.  Sooooo amazing!!
Kevin with his pepperoni lollipop

 Kevin found himself a pepperoni pop.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a giant pepperoni lollipop.  

mmm... bacon bomb

mmm... frozen cheesecake
He also found something called the "Bacon Bomb"... which was pulled pork, hot and sweet sausage, cheddar cheese- all wrapped in a bacon blanket and smoked, then sliced and served on a roll.  I had a bite or two and, I have to agree, it was pretty fantastic.  Kevin was a happy man!

Last, but not least, frozen cheesecake on a stick... from the dairy building (which, by the way, the chocolate milk in the dairy building- for 25 cents- is the absolute best chocolate milk in the whole entire world).  This, also, was yummy!!
butter sculpture... yep... that's all butter

I'm never a fan of fair rides... the idea of hanging upside down from a contraption that I saw driving down the thruway last week just doesn't sit well with me... and since we had Kennedy with us, there was no riding of rusty clunky fair rides anyway.  We also skipped the animal buildings because K hasn't had her shots yet and I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not, so why risk it.  I am pretty excited, though, to take her next year when she will be alert and really interested in all of the animals!  That's going to be awesome!

sand sculpture... still in progress

 We did wander through the Center of Progress building and all of the cheesy "As seen on TV" displays as well as the health building (No VA booth this year... what gives/) and a few other buildings/displays.  We managed to avoid buying anything unnecessary (food doesn't count.  Fair food is absolutely necessary) as well as any cranky meltdowns from Miss K.  

A few things I learned about fair going with a newborn... 
  • People, in general, are idiots and will walk into, in front of, over and through a stroller.
  • Grab a map and scope out where all of the cooling tents are.  It is hot hot HOT and these little tents of chilly air conditioned goodness are a god send for mama and baby.  Also a great place to nurse, if necessary.
  • Invest in a battery operated fan for the stroller.  We found one at Babies R Us that clips onto the stroller.  Well worth every penny to keep my baby girl comfortable.
  • Bring extra batteries for said fan.  :/

All in all a great day!!  Can't wait to go back next week!!!