I'm Baaaaack!!!

::dusts off laptop::

Hello...?!?!  Is anybody still out there?!?!

Ok ok ok... I know it's been months since I updated this blog.  Life's been a little crazy around here, but then again, who's life hasn't?  It's really no excuse.  I have been journaling in a book at my bedside (more on that later) and FB stalking like it's my job from my phone... but I have totally and completely neglected my blog.  :(

So... today is going to be a brief update of sorts and then over the next few weeks, I plan to take some of my journal entries and merge them with this blog, back dating them so they match the correct date.  It's cheating, I know, but looking back at 3+ months of dead time on my blog makes me very very sad... and so much has happened.

So in a nutshell.... since Thanksgiving-ish when I really fell off the blogging bandwagon, the following things have happened in the crazy life of this crazy wife...

-  I passed my boards!  Yippee!!!

-  I started my new grown-up RN job.  I work on a rehab floor at the VA Medical Center and I love it!

-  I started my new shift at my new grown-up RN job.  I now work evenings and I am totally digging the new hours.  I have the whole morning to myself, I sleep in, lounge around, run or walk with Lucy and take my time getting to work.  It sure beats the "holy crap is that the alarm clock already? hit the ground running and fight morning rush hour" mornings that I am used to.

-  Oh... and last but not least...

 That's right... we're expecting!!  We are over the moon excited. 
I am actually 22 weeks pregnant today and have been keeping a weekly check-in of all of my pregnancy happenings... I just haven't typed it up or posted it.  Over the next few weeks, I will try to update this also.  But for now, yes pregnant, growing and super happy!

So... that's pretty much the highlights of the past few months.  I am now off to enjoy what is left of this gorgeous March afternoon (65 degrees... in Syracuse... in March... can you believe it?!?!?) then get ready for my work day.

Lots of love...