Spring Has Sprung

Never in my wildest wintry dreams did I think that I would find myself wearing shorts, tanks tops and flip flops in March... in Syracuse... But I kid you not, our high today is 80 degrees... EIGHTY DEGREES people!!!

This is complete and utter craziness, but I am not complaining one little bit.  Every day this week, I have started off my morning with a walk or run with Lucy followed by some lounging around on the back deck (in March?!?!).  On Tuesday we started digging up the soil to start our garden and at night we enjoyed dinner on our back deck for the first time this year (in March!?!?), today Kevin is cutting the grass for the first time this year (in MARCH?!?!)  :)  See how exciting this is for me?

As wonderful and unusual as this beautiful weaher is... for some reason it is gets me thinking about growing up in a place where the weather was like this almost year-round and, to be honest, its making me a little homesick. 

On one hand, actually having seasons (one of them typically being a really realllllly long winter) truly makes you look forward to and appreciate days like today.  On the other hand, getting to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and warmth makes me long to be in a place where I can feel like this every.single.day.

Since moving back to Florida isn't in our plans any time soon (but hopefully sometime down the road)... I am just going to continue soaking up this sunshine every moment that I can.  :)