Kennedy's 1 Year 3 Week Check In

We had a quiet week and an awesome weekend.  We decided, somewhat last minute, to drive out to Delaware to visit with my brother, Mike.  It's really not a bad drive, so we loaded up the dog and baby and headed out on Friday afternoon.  We got to enjoy the beach and boardwalk at Rehoboth with him on Saturday then headed home this morning.  It was so great to spend some time with Mikey and awesome to hang out at the beach.

How Big Is Baby?

  • No real change in height/weight.
  • Still mostly 12 month outfits with some 18 month tees.  Her 18 month swim suit fits perfectly!  Yikes!
  • Size 4 shoes
  • Full time cloth diapering. Size smalls and one size- fully extended on the rise and out 2 snaps at the waist

Development & Milestones
  • Walking all over the place, she is constantly on the move.
  • This week we worked some more with utensils.  Not much improvement, but we are still trying.  We also worked on dipping finger foods into different dips, like ketchup, ranch, mustard, hummus, tzaziki sauce, marinara, etc.  She is doing really well with it.
  • She really enjoyed playing in the sand and even practiced her dipping skills in the sand, dipping chips into the sand then eating them.  YUCK!
  • The tooth count is still at 8, but her molars are coming soon, I think.

  • Nursing is still going wonderfully.  She has 2 long nursing sessions- one in the morning and one at night.  In between she sort of snacks.  Maybe we are starting to cut back a little?  Maybe.
  • Pumping is going well.  I pump once at work during a 12 hour shift, mostly for my own comfort.  But I am able to pump about 15 ounces in one sitting.  My milk production is definitely not slowing down.
  • BLW was great this week.  She ate really well in Delaware and on our trip there/back.


  • Sleep has been pretty good this week.  She napped really well in the car on the drive to/from and slept great at Mike's.  Still wakes once or twice in the middle of the night for a snack, then falls right back to sleep.
  • Naps were pretty good this week.

Mommy & Daddy Check In
  • We are doing pretty good.  Might possibly have some big changes coming up job-wise in the near future and some big decisions to make, but we are praying for fruitful opportunities and guidance.

Any appointments, visitors or outings? Anything else new?
  • A trip to Delaware, a day at the beach oh and Kennedy's first time riding rides at an amusement park.  What a fun weekend!
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!!

Product Rave:
  • Tie chair- perfect for travel!

Any upcoming developments, milestones? What's next?
  • Next appointment will be 15 months in October.