Kennedy's 1 Year 2 Week Check In

It's been a pretty uneventful week.  After all of the commotion of K's big birthday party and having family in town for a week, having a "normal" week was kind of nice.  Going back to work after having a week off was not so nice.

How Big Is Baby?

  • Still in the 19-20 pound range and still super tall for her age.
  • Still mostly 12 month outfits with some 18 month tees
  • Size 4 shoes all the way.  This is a good thing because the selection for size 3s was pretty slim for walkers
  • Full time cloth diapering. Size smalls and one size- fully extended on the rise and out 2 snaps at the waist

Development & Milestones
  • Walking like crazy now.  Everywhere, all the time.
  • She has been really into books this week.  She picks them up, flips through them, yells at them and brings them to me to read.  She doesn't like to sit still long enough for me to read to her... maybe 2-3 pages at best... then she is off to find a new book.
  • We are starting to work with utensils.  She does not like to be fed, but will let me load a fork or spoon for her.  She plays with the food, taking it off the spoon or fork then puts it back on.  So, she doesn't quite get them yet, but it is good for her to play and learn.
  • The tooth count is still at 8, but her molars are coming soon, I think.

  • Nursing is great as always.  I have been encouraging more solid food during the day in the hopes that she will cut back on some of her nursing sessions.  Not so much.  But that's ok.  I am still just taking her lead.  This time is so precious.
  • Back to pumping this week.  Things are also moving along with my milk donation application.  Hopefully I will have everything in place soon so I can send my milk off to the Milk Bank.  Can't wait!
  • BLW was good this week.  Kennedy enjoys a wide variety of foods, but always prefers her french fries.


  • Sleep has been ok this week.  Kevin said she had a few rough nights when I first went back to work, but she is getting back into the swing of things now.
  • Naps were ok this week.  She naps great when I get to snuggle with her, but still not a fan of napping on her own in her crib.  Some day.  :)

Mommy & Daddy Check In
  • Mommy is back to work this week, blah!  It is a bit tough switching back to an overnight schedule, but we will make it work.
  • Daddy is doing great and back to being Mr. Mom-and-Dad on the nights I work.  He kind of rocks.  (Have I said that before?)

Any appointments, visitors or outings? Anything else new?
  • Not much new this week... just getting back into our normal routine.
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!!

Product Rave:
  • Snuggle Puppy book... it's her fav.

Any upcoming developments, milestones? What's next?
  • Next appointment will be 15 months in October.