I Lost My Mind Today

It was about 2am.  6 hours into my 12 hour overnight shift.  My 3rd overnight shift in a row.

I wanted coffee.  I *needed* coffee.

A few weeks ago, I had left a stash of coffee in our freezer at work.  It was coconut macaroon flavored coffee and it was delicious.  I labeled it to be sure it didn't get thrown out (even though I am usually the only one who ever seems to clean the fridge/freezer) or stolen and warned everyone around not to touch my coffee, threatening life and limb.  Serious business.  Given that I knew we have some food thieves among us (some day I will recount my freak out over coffee creamer), I labeled it and hid it in the bottom of the freezer, or so I thought.

So anyway, 2am I drug my sleepy self into our break room and opened the freezer.


Cue Hollywood style freak out/meltdown/tantrum.

I started chucking things out of the freezer left and right, I gently (ok not so gently) removed the drawer thinking maybe somehow my coffee had fallen down behind it.  There may or may not have been some profanity, kicking, stomping and throwing things involved.  Ok there was a lot of profanity, kicking, stomping and throwing things involved.  I'm not exactly proud.

But dammit.  2 o'clock in the morning in the middle of a 12 hour overnight is NOT the time to discover that "someone" drank all of your coffee.  I mean, of course it had to be someone.  My coffee didn't just dis-a-freaking-pear, did it?  "Someone" stole it!!

In the middle of my tantrum, another nurse walked into the break room, got a terrified look on his face then backed out the door saying "I'll go warn the others."  When he came back a few minutes later to check make sure I hadn't actually ripped the freezer apart, I was sheepishly stirring my cup of coffee.

That I had found.

In the fridge.  :/