Run Run Run

Today was my first run outside in a loooong time. A few observations:
  1.  How the heck is there STILL snow on the ground when it is nearly 60 degrees today. Go away, snow!!! 
  2. Snow on the ground + my favorite super porous running shoes = cold feet. I don't like cold feet. I don't like snow. Again, go away, snow!!!
  3. My daughter weighs approx 17 pounds. Her stroller weighs approx 12 pounds. Pushing my daughter in her stroller while running is like pushing 75 pounds. Mathematical mystery. It must be the snow. I hate snow.
  4. If you are one of those people (like me) who can't walk straight, and you are therefore one of those people (like me) who can't run straight... Then pushing a stroller while running is not meant for you. For you normal straight walkers and runners, its like when you get that shopping cart at the grocery store (the one I always end up with)... You know the one with the googley eyed wheel that goes every direction but straight? Yeah, its like that... On crack... in the snow.
  5. Why does this part of the country not believe in sidewalks?? Why???  Must have something to do with snow.  :/
  6. Apparently runner's "high" is contagious... make that transferable.  I ran, I should have the high.  Kennedy relaxed in her stroller and took in the scenery.  Now it is nap time.  She has stolen my runner's high and wants to play.  I want to nap.  Something is wrong with this picture.  Next time I should sit in the stroller and make her push me.  Problem solved.
  7. Despite all of the above.... I have really really missed running outside. :)
In other running news... Kevin and I (ok it was me... and I signed up Kevin) have signed up to run Color Me Rad 5K.  I am totally psyched about this race!!!  Basically we run while people throw paint at us.  Sounds awesome, doesn't it??  Kevin told me I could run up and down our street while he throws paint at me and save us $35/each... but what fun is thatIf you are local, come join us.  We are team Mr & Mrs Awesome (super lame, I know, but I couldn't think of a better name at 1am when I signed us up).