Kennedy's 34 Week Check In

We had another great week.  Baby girl is crawling like crazy and seems to really enjoy her new found independence.   

How Big Is Baby?

  • Probably about 17 pounds and change now.  Grow, baby, grow!
  • Kennedy is outgrowing her 6 month outfits quickly and even some of her 9 month onesies seem small.
  • Since she isn't walking yet, we don't put shoes on her all the time, but when we do she is a size 3.  Already!  Wow!
  • Full time cloth diapering. We are out one snap on each side and one snap on the rise on all of her dipes.  We have gone up a second snap on the rise on a few of her diapers and so far we are getting a great fit!

Development & Milestones  
  • BLW is going wonderfully.  Her coordination is excellent and her pincer grasp is really coming along.  It is so fun to watch her learn and grow every day.  I kind of wish I would have video taped her more when we first started so I could compare it to how well she does now.  What a difference!
  • Last week started Kennedy's forward crawling and ended Lucy's reign of lazy days.  Kennedy zooms around the house and loves to chase after Lucy.  Her coordination with crawling is greatly improved from last week, so now is is super speedy.
  • Baby girl also loves to pull herself up, now in her crib too!!  This weekend we sadly had to lower the crib because this little rascal will be trying to escape before we know it.
  • Still no real standing on her own, but when I help her to stand her balance is getting better.  She will be up on her own very soon!
  • Still no new words, but I'm sure "da da" is very close
  • We are also working very hard on signing.  We are starting off with just a few... ma ma, da da, puppy, milk, more and all done.  I am very excited to help her learn to communicate with us even before she can talk.

  • Nursing is awesome.  No more biting this week.  It's actually been just a really great week all around.
  • Pumping at work has been great!!  I am slowly getting a little less with each session,  but I think this is a good thing.  Maybe I will be able to phase out pumping all together and kick start  my cycle again.
  • BLW is going well as always.  This week, Kennedy ate fish sticks, home made fries, asparagus, carrots, omelets, yogurt puffs and lots of other fun stuff.  She has a great appetite!
  • Naps in the crib are going really well, although some days it takes her fooorrreevvvvverrrr to fall asleep.  Typically though she will nurse herself to sleep then sleep for a good hour after I lay her down in the crib.  I'll take it!
  • Sleep-wise, she had a really good week.  She still isn't in her crib all night, but we are getting there.
PP Mommy Check In

  • A pound up, but really no big deal as I am still 5 pounds under my goal.  I really amped up the cardio this week and am considering starting P90X this coming week.
  • Right now I am about 120 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125* 

How Is Daddy?
  • Kevin is doing really well.  He has been working on her crawling and standing and it has sure paid off.  His new job is going well for him also, but we are both really looking forward to our vacation.
Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?
  • We got the convertible car seat all situated, finally.  We went with a Britax Pavillion 70-g3 and boy it is a beast of a car seat.  Kennedy looks so small in this one (versus looking like a gigantor in the infant seat).  We are very happy with the new seat and after a few practice runs, we have all of the clips and clasps down.  We will be buying a second one for Kevin's car very soon.
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!! 

  Product Rave: 
  • We are loving Kennedy's new big girl car seat, Britax Pavillion 70-g3.
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?

  • Next pedi visit is at the end of April.

Picture Time