Kennedy's 23 Week Check

A new year... I can officially say "My daughter was born LAST YEAR."... I don't like it.  :P  Yesterday we packed up Christmas and today we are packing for our trip to Florida.  2012 was an amazing year... the year I became a mommy, I can only imagine the good things that 2013 has in store for us.

How Big Is Baby?

  • Kennedy is somewhere between 14 and 15 pounds.  She is growing in length, for sure.  I can't wait to see her newest measurements.
  • K still fits into 3 month tops and 3 month bottoms... but anything that is one piece (like sleep and plays)... she is in 6 or 9 month.
  • Full time cloth diapering. One size and smalls with two medium fleece soakers.
  • This weekend, we actually had to switch to disposables for a few days because of a diaper rash (and we will be in sposies for our Florida trip anyway). I hated the thought of buying more diapers since we had a few leftover size 1s anyway...  well... little miss is practically hulking out of these.  They will get us through Tuesday, but it's a good thing she has some size 2s waiting for her in Florida.  These size 1s won't last long!!

Development & Milestones
  • As I was messing around with the pictures for this week's update, Kennedy decided to roll from tummy to back!!  Woohoo!!  I'm not sure why this took her so long, but I'm glad she finally did.
  • She is really close to crawling.  She does her mini push up and wiggles her legs.  She tries SO hard!!  Sometimes she scooches an inch or two, but I know it won't be long before she is zooming around the floors. 
  • Still no teeth... but still teething.
  • Nursing is still going great!  Nursing in the ring sling is harder than I thought it would be... but we'll get it.
  • Pumping at work is also going well.
  • Night time sleep has been slowly improving.  Daddy does great with bed time and usually has her to sleep by 9 or 9:30.  She usually wakes up when I get home from work (around 12:30-1am) to nurse... but there were a few nights where she slept until 2... even 3am!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!  Maybe one of these days we'll make it through the night... but I'll take this as a step in the right direction.  :)
  • Naps were pretty good early in the week... the end of the week... not so much.  She fusses, fights, screams and cries when it's time to go down for her nap.  I can tell she is exhausted, but she will fight fight fight to stay awake for an hour, sometimes two.... ugh!!!  When she does finally fall asleep, she's usually out for an hour or two... but oy vey!!  The process to get there has me pulling my hair out!!
PP Mommy Check In

  • Holding steady at a pound or two below my goal.
  • Right now I am about 123 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125* 
How Is Daddy?
  • Kevinis doing great!!  He started his new driving job and he is very happy with this new change.  He will be home every night, every holiday and every weekend.  Plus, it's a pay raise.  Love it!!  He isn't really looking forward to our trip (he will be staying back in Syracuse with Lucy)... but he is looking forward to having a little more room in the bed!!
Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?
  • New Years was uneventful
  •  Cloth diapering is still going great!! 

  Product Rave: 
  • Teething Necklace... baby girl loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on and this has managed to keep her occupied and happy for long stretches.
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?

  • The end of Kennedy's birth year is in 2 days.  2012 has been such an amazing year that I am sad to see it end... but I know 2013 will be an amazing year full of many firsts.  Bring it on!!
  • Next pediatrician appointment for Kennedy is in January for her 6 month check up.
  • We will be taking our first trip on an airplane in a little more than a week.  We are flying down to Orlando to see my family.  I can't wait to post pictures.  :) 
  Picture Time: