Old and Uncool

Remember when you were 10... and you thought 20 was really old...?  Then you turned 15... and you thought 25 was old... then as you got closer to 25 you decided that 25 wasn't so bad, but 30 was really really old...?

Yeah.  I'm 30.  And I feel old.

Tuesday was my birthday (which was awesome by the way), but this all started a few weeks ago.  I did a massive closet purge and unloaded well over 100 pieces of clothing and shoes- many with tags still on (yes, I have a shopping problem.)  Anyway... I decided to take the items to a local consignment shop that buys/sells trendy teen/college age clothes.  So I lugged my humongonormous tote bin full of goodies in and patiently waited, planning in my head how I would spend my $200 or so dollars that they would surely be paying me.

The girl checked my bin and gave me the news.  "We are only interested in purchasing 4 items and we will offer $9."  Say whaaaaaaat?!?!?!  Only 4 of my items made the cut??  FOUR?!?!  What the heck?  Then she proceeded to further my humiliation by telling me exactly why my clothes and shoes were rejected.  "They are just not in style any more."

Imagine my embarrassment as my old, uncool self drug my still-full tote bin out of the store with my measly $9 in my hand.  Ugh.  What a loser.  And all this time I actually thought I was well... kind of cool. 

I drove home sulking and whining to my friend about how uncool and un-stylish I am and how the snotty little 17 year old told me my clothes weren't hip... then I walked in the door to the house that I own, saw my husband, my puppy and my beautiful baby girl and thought...

Maybe being old isn't so bad after all.