My Wife Chop

Well.... I finally did it!  After growing my hair out for a year or so for the wedding... then 6 months after... I finally got up the nerve to get my hair cut.  And, boy did I have it cut.

Here is my before... super long and scraggly...  (this was from my birthday dinner)

And here... drum roll, please... is the after...

I ended up with a super cute sholder length bob, thanks to Stacey at Artistry at Hanover in Syracuse.  Love her!  She did my wedding day hair and just has fabulous intuition regarding what will and will not work for different hair types and face shapes.  She will totally tell it like it is and will not do a cut or style that she doesn't think would work for you... even if it's what you want.  Sometimes you just have to trust the pro, you know?

So... this is the new me.  Ta-daa!!!  I am super happy with the new style and even more psyched to be able to cross another thing off my 30x30 list.  I am moving right along.  :)